Five ways to refresh your home office

You may have been working from home for some time now, and perhaps plan to continue for the foreseeable future. So, the thought of endlessly staring at the same blank walls might be getting you down. And that’s not going to make your working day a positive one. Therefore, it may be time to look at giving your home office a quick refresh. 

Here’s five simple ways to refresh your space, without disrupting your working week:

Change your window dressing

Do you spend a lot of time looking out of the window while you work? Many of us do, to break up screen time or look for inspiration. So, why not frame that view more beautifully? There’s lots of ways to change your window dressing. You could learn how to fit a curtain pole and add some light sheers or take down your existing curtains and put up a fresh new blind. It’s up to you.

Reorganise your storage

If your storage has started to run out or everything is starting to look disorganised, you could spend a bit of time having a sort out. If it isn’t working as it is, perhaps you could add a few new drawers or shelves. Try to find something that looks pleasing and is easy to adapt to future changes in your work needs. Perhaps a brightly coloured filing cabinet or some multicoloured canvas boxes.

Revamp your stationery 

If you want a really simple way to rejuvenate your desk, a quick tidy and some new stationery should do the trick. Go for items that make you smile or feature pretty designs. A new set of notebooks, pen holders and box files can all add to a nicer working environment. Try botanical or floral prints for a summery feel, or spots and animal prints if you fancy making a statement.

Home Office
Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

Add some artwork

There’s nothing more disheartening than looking at the same bare walls every day. So, why not get some artwork added to the walls and brighten the space? You could go for one or two big pictures or create a gallery wall of smaller pictures. Include colours, patterns, places and people that make you happy. And switch your artwork round every so often, so you’re not looking at the same thing every day.

Boost your lighting

If you’ve been working in a room with one very unappealing light fitting, then it may be a good idea to rethink your home office lighting. It could be as simple as changing your light shade and bulb, so you get more light. Or perhaps adding a bright, modern task lamp that you can angle onto your work.

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