How to Keep Kids Entertained Without Technology

The NHSGGC reports that UK children aged 5 to 16 years spend 3 hours behind the screen daily, meaning that they spend 21 hours weekly. Indeed, technology is the future and may explain why several parents give their kids a head start by allowing them to spend hours behind the tablet, phone, or game console. 

However, these gadgets keep children glued to the screen, inadvertently substituting parental supervision. Because this is an ongoing debate worldwide, you may read further for tips on keeping your children entertained without the screen.

Create a conducive yard for play and exploration

If you have a backyard, it can have more uses beyond gardening only. Remember that kids love to explore, and your backyard can become that alluring ground to keep them away from their tech gadgets. You must exercise some caution, though, if your backyard is filled with flowers and foliage. First and foremost, you must be aware of the kind of plants and flora you have there. Some can be highly poisonous, in which case they must be uprooted for safety purposes.


Furthermore, you may build safety fencing in your backyard to enhance security while your kids explore their surroundings. Even if you have no swings or mini fortresses built in this part of your house, your kids will rely on their creative minds to make their outdoor play worthwhile. Backyard play can be instrumental, especially on days you cannot drive them to an indoor play area within your local soft play centre.

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Build an excellent home library for your kids

Indeed, there is Kindle and many online reading apps that can capture your child’s attention. However, sometimes, the good old-fashioned way of reading supersedes any other. The feel and smell of a physical reading book can pique your child’s interest. Even when they are yet to learn to read independently, spend a tremendous amount of your time reading to their hearing.

Over time, they will develop a love for reading and even pick books from the shelves themselves. Then, as a parent or guardian, your affinity for books will rub off on the younger ones who learn through experience.


Build makeshift forts.

This is particularly important when you have younger children on your hands. Usually, kids love to create private spaces either for quiet time or to play. Moreover, because their minds are highly imaginative at this stage, you can name these places forts or castles. As a parent, help your kids build these private spaces with blankets, boxes, or other child-safe materials.

Even though you will need to check in on them as often as possible, it will be an activity that allows your little ones to use their creative minds to build a makeshift structure. This can be done safely within the home, especially when you’re building a blanket fort.


There are several ways you can engage your little ones when they’re not spending time behind the television, tablet, game console, or phone. As much as you can, try to create a healthy balance between active play, learning, and of course, screen time.

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