Space saving ideas for your kids’ room

Your kid’s room is usually the smallest bedroom and yet they also often have the most stuff! It does not take long for a child to completely fill these small spaces with toys and books and games. Efficient storage is essential, so here are some tips on how to save space and effectively make use of their room.

1. Save on floor space with a high-rise bed

It is important to leave plenty of floor space for your children to play, as this also helps keep toys and playtime out of the rest of the house! The best solution for space saving in a child’s bedroom is to invest in a cabin bed or mid sleeper bed – there are plenty of options for kids beds that use the space underneath as additional storage such as drawers or even a small wardrobe. You can also find high sleeper beds with desks or sofas under them to save you from having to add these as a separate piece of furniture.

2. Swap out bookcases for floating shelves

Books are key to children’s development but even a small bookcase can dominate a little bedroom and take up unnecessary room. Floating shelves are a perfect space saving hack for any room, and they can be used to store toys or games as well as books.

3. Buy bunk beds

This is similar to the high-rise bed, but this solution is focused more on shared bedrooms. Sometimes kids can get on top of each other when they share a bedroom (pun intended) and this can cause arguments and fights over space. The best way to combat this is to make sure there is plenty of room for them to play together but also to play separately if they need a little breathing space. However, you will have to settle the inevitable argument of how gets the top bunk.


4. Multi-use furniture

When decorating, you must evaluate what your child needs and what kind of furniture is essential. First you should figure out how you might be able to make your usual furniture multi-use – for example, a desk can double as a bedside table and a chest of drawers can double as a work or drawing space. There are also options for furniture that is designed for multiple purposes such as a futon or an ottoman style storage stool. Also, as children do not need the full-length hanging space of a wardrobe, so a half-wardrobe half-drawer option can be a real space saver.

5. Hang a peg rail above the bed

Making use of the wall space is a great way to keep the floor as free as possible. The area above the bed is usually only used for wall art or posters, but double this up as extra storage by placing a peg rail over it. Your child will be able to grab their dressing gown as soon as they get out of bed and it can be a great place to hang their school bag – ready to be grabbed every morning and they will never have an excuse to lose it!

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