Getting Your Holiday Home Ready for This Year’s Trip: 4 Tips for Families

Holiday homes have always been a good investment, but never as much as it has been over the past two years! Having a holiday home means that you and your family can enjoy vacations in a familiar, stress-free, and peaceful atmosphere in a place you love. But it also means that if you opt to travel somewhere else, you can rent out your property and enjoy some extra cash coming in.

Over the past months, an increasing number of Britons have started to think in exactly the same way! And, if you are among the lucky ones who have invested in a holiday home in the UK or in continental Europe, you might have started to think about enjoying your first vacation there. But how can you get your second home ready with no stress? Here are 4 tips to get your new property ready before booking your train or flight ticket. 

Leave Your Valuables Behind

We all wish to carry our valuables with us, but it is important to leave what you love the most at home, where these items will be safe. Whether that is because many homes are left empty or because tourists might end up in the wrong part of town, crimes that happen during the holidays are always high. 

So, you should keep in mind that your holiday home is likely to be left empty for several months of the year, and you should not store anything of great value. Of course, you should also think about securing your first home while away!

Arrange for Private Transportation

Moving items between your current home and your holiday home can take a while. Even if you have found all the necessary furniture, you will still need to move all the items needed by your whole family there for daily life. So, relying on public transportation might not be so convenient! Instead, with just a few car trips, you can move everything you need – whenever it is more convenient to you. 

Move the Furniture You Already Have

Your holiday home will be inhabited for just a few months each year. So, instead of investing in several new pieces of furniture, you can stick to your budget by moving there extra tables, chairs, cabinets, and sofas you might have to spare. Of course, when moving a vintage or valuable item, you should always invest in the right moving equipment, such as the carpeted dollies of Evo Supplies

While this professional equipment might be unnecessary at first, it can help you protect the furniture you are moving, while also helping you save on new items. 

Head There Together Once Everything Is in Place

It is never recommendable to move with children and pets. Aside from the fact that moving with your whole family can add stress to an already overwhelming moment, moving furniture and heavy items can represent a safety risk. Instead, you can make the most of your experience by arranging for the move in advance, and only bringing over the rest of your family once everything is in place and you can start enjoying your new holiday home. 

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