Why Heart-Shaped Jewellery Makes For the Perfect Gift

When an occasion comes up and you don’t know what gift to buy, consider heart-shaped jewellery. A person can’t go wrong when they give this gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or just because you are thinking of someone. Women love jewellery any time they receive it, and men feel the same way now too. A heart-shaped item can be worn with different outfits and will never go out of style. 

Furthermore, when you are looking for heart themed jewellery, feel confident knowing the recipient will love it. Every time they wear the piece, they will think of the giver with fondness and know they are loved and appreciated no matter how far they are from that person. Why is this item perfect for the special person in your life? 

The History of Heart-Themed Jewellery

The heart symbol remains known the world over. In fact, people find its origins in ancient Greek and Roman history. Men and women during these times viewed the heart as love’s home in the body. It’s likely they did so because a person’s heart beats more rapidly when they see someone they are romantically interested in. 

However, they didn’t know enough about physiology to create an accurate representation of this organ. During the second century, Galen, a Greek physician, stated the heart worked in conjunction with the liver and had a shape similar to that of a pinecone. This view held until the Middle Ages, when the heart first became known as a symbol of love. 

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It was in 1250 when the first illustration of an amorous heart was created. In this French allegory, known as The Romance of the Pear, the heart was first depicted with the narrow portion pointing upward and the lower portion being wider. This portion of the heart was depicted holding a human hand. 

Around 1340, the French manuscript The Romance of Alexander was the first known instance of the contemporary heart icon appearing in art. On a page in this manuscript, the symmetrical heart with two lobes is seen in the hands of a woman. A man facing her touches his chest to show where the heart came from. 

Gifting Heart-Shaped Jewellery

It wasn’t until later that heart-shaped jewellery became more popular. Heart-shaped lockets increased in popularity, with Victorian mourners placing a lock of hair in the necklace and wearing it on the passing of a loved one. This would allow them to keep the person close to them even though they were no longer alive or nearby. 

In addition, people would wear heart lockets and other jewellery containing this symbol as a sign of their love and faithfulness to a particular person. People still wear these items today for similar reasons. 

Men and women love receiving heart-shaped jewellery regardless of the occasion. Buy your wife or girlfriend a heart-shaped necklace and watch her face light up when you present it to her. If she already has a piece of this type, add to the collection with a new ring featuring a heart or purchase earrings to complete the set. As this symbol is universal, the piece can be worn with multiple outfits and not look out of place. Whether she wears one piece or all, she’ll think of you every time she wears them. These pieces keep the giver close to her heart. 

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When to Wear This Jewellery

Men and women may wear heart-themed jewellery wherever they go. However, experts recommend these pieces be left at home when a person goes to work. Nobody wants to send the wrong message to their co-workers, and wearing heart-themed jewellery may send the wrong social signals. When wearing these pieces, the person should go with a plain outfit, as this allows the jewellery to shine. 

Material Options

When purchasing heart-themed jewellery, purchasers must consider the material of the piece. Some people choose a piece made entirely of metal, while others prefer one that incorporates gemstones, beads, and more. It’s a matter of what the recipient likes and what fits with their personal style. Fortunately, with so many options available today, every person will be able to find several pieces they love and want to call their own. If buying for someone else, the task becomes easier when heart-shaped jewellery is selected because the styles are endless. 

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Why Does This Jewellery Remain So Popular?

People may question why this symbol remains so appealing today. It has been around for centuries, and you would assume individuals would get tired of seeing it, but nothing is further from the truth. The shape of the iconic heart brings together two halves to form a whole. This perfectly symbolises the idea of two people coming together to become one when they are in a relationship. However, this serves as only one theory as to why people continue to appreciate it. Other individuals feel it brings to mind the human body. 

Furthermore, over the years, this emblem has been attributed with new meanings. During the Reformation, many Catholic icons were abandoned, but that wasn’t the case with the heart icon. How did it survive?

Martin Luther created a personal seal that included a red heart situated inside a white rose. This heart featured a black cross in the center. During the 19th century, American and English consumers began trading valentines, and many of these cards and gifts featured a heart. It was in 1977 that Milton Glaser created the famous “I Love New York” logo that replaced the word love with the heart symbol. This logo is recognised the world over. 

Today, men and women see the heart as a symbol of love across all corners of the globe. It serves as the universal sign of love’s mystery. People view it with fondness and affection, which means it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

If you need a gift for an upcoming occasion, consider heart-themed jewellery. You can’t go wrong when you purchase a gift of this type. The recipient is sure to love whatever you buy and wear it regularly, thinking of you each time they do so. 

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