How Dirty Can A Family Home Get, Anyway?

Do you find it hard to keep your home clean when the kids are running about all day? Maybe you’ve got your cleaning routine down to a simple and effective 10 minutes, and yet you’re still having to put a bit of elbow grease in every single day – it’s just not sustainable! You’re already a very busy Mum, and on top of that, you’re constantly running behind your little ones picking up all their mess! Simply put, you can’t wait for the day they’re able to pitch in too! 

However, before that day arrives, you’re going to need a bit of outside help in keeping your home spick and span, and that’s just what this post is here to do. Here are our tips for staying on top of the mess a family home can create.

Put Down Some Mats

Kids spill things all over the place, and you’re having to wipe up and vacuum and sweep away all the livelong day. But instead of letting this kind of back breaking manual labour tear you down, why not put down some mats in heavy traffic areas of the house? 

In the kitchen, under the dining room table, and next to the bathroom sink are three areas that immediately come to mind. This will stop you from having to clean up so often. Instead, you can just grab the mats off the floor and throw them in the washing machine when they’ve accumulated a lot of dirt. 

Freshen Up the Air

The way your home smells says a lot about how clean it is. But even when you’ve just run a vacuum through and wiped all the dust away, you can still be left with a home that seems a bit stuffy. And seeing as kids tend to generate mess 3x as fast as us adults do, there’s a good chance your little one has already ruined your spring cleaning, sweet smelling efforts!

So how do you fix this? Simple – you focus on the air itself. Open some windows, obviously, but also get some air fresheners or candles around the place to help give the air more of a direct scent. And you can also check out these great tips for keeping you house smelling great at all times, because those candles will burn out one day and you’ll still need to keep on top of the air issue! 

Keep Toys to Bedrooms

Of course, this one is far easier said than done! But if you can make a rule that toys stay in bedrooms, or the playroom, you won’t be tripping over dolls and toy cars every hour. Mess won’t stack up so quickly, and the ensuing mess in your child’s bedroom can be something for them to sort out. You don’t have to deal with it, because you can’t see it, and it’s out of the way like it’s supposed to be! 

If you’re always cleaning, make the routine easier for yourself as a Mum!

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