How To Make Your House Appear More Inviting

A lot of people want to make their house more inviting, and you should too! If you are trying to sell your home or rent it out, the outside must look good. That means taking care of any loose boards on the porch steps and replacing broken windows. Inside, you can change your interior decor by moving furniture around or painting a new color on one wall. 

Work on the Exterior

If you have a front door, you can make it more inviting by colour-coding. For example, if your home is blue and yellow, the door should be that way. It makes it easier for people to find their way inside and know where they will go on arrival.  

Additionally, keep all plants trimmed so there will not be any overgrowth hiding anything out of view from the entranceway or in plain sight when approaching from other angles as well. Another great idea is adding an indoor plant at entryways in hallways or near entrances into rooms like kitchenettes and bathrooms.

Before you start working on the interior of your house, it might be worth taking a look at what’s going on outside. Doing things like trimming hedges or raking leaves can give your home an overall tidier appearance that will make people more inclined to stop by for a visit. 

Switch Up Your Interior Décor

These elements are not only aesthetically pleasing and balanced by the nature of their colour schemes, but they will also make everything else easier from an upkeep perspective because dirt wipes off these surfaces and does not get stuck in nooks and crannies. If you need any more pointers, follow someone like Helen Coulston on YouTube for interior decoration inspiration and helpful tips and tricks.

Use the Proper Lighting

You can set the mood of a room by strategically placed lighting. Lighting fixtures are an excellent way to give any space some personality and make it feel more inviting or intimate, depending on what you need at that moment in time.

Lighting also has other benefits besides its ability to change your home’s atmosphere: 

  • It enhances colours, making them appear more affluent than they are 
  • It helps with visual acuity when reading text from afar 
  • It makes objects look three dimensional rather than flat; adding depth and dimensionality to the design element 

Change Your Painting

If you are looking to make your home appear more inviting, changing the paint colour can go a long way. Paint is an inexpensive method of making changes, and it has immediate results. It will also give your space a fresher feel which may be just what the doctor ordered! 

Make sure that if you decide to change up your painting scheme, you have enough time for dry periods in between coats and ample time before guests arrive.


In conclusion, there are many easy ways to make your house more inviting. Whether you want to work on the exterior of your home, switch up some interior decor or change a painting, these simple changes will do wonders for improving how guests see and feel about your place. And the best part is that you can use any of these tips today!

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