Time To Freshen Up Your EntryWay

The hallway is the first thing you and your guests see upon entering the house. Yet, too many British homeowners find it tricky to maximise the hallway space. The typical entryway in a townhouse resembles a narrow corridor, like a dark tunnel taking visitors into the centre of the house. Inviting, it is not. 

Its dimensions make it an awkward space to decorate. Besides, it’s never on the list of priorities. There’s so much to do to maintain our homes that the hallway often falls at the bottom of the list. Yet, does that mean your entry passage isn’t important? The answer is no. Did you know that a potential buyer will already make up their mind by the time they are in your living room? First impressions greatly affect their decisions. Kerb appeal is one of the first things that people notice about your home. But the entryway creates the first impression inside the property. Dark, cluttered, and disorganised hallways could reduce their price offer or change their minds completely. Even if you are not considering selling, a stylish entry puts a smile on everybody who comes through the door. It’s worth freshening up your entryway. 

Let the door do the talking

The front door and the windows are the only structures that belong to your kerb appeal and interior decor strategies. As the front door welcomes visitors inside your home, it sets the mood for the rest of your property. A modern-looking front door with a hidden fingerprint reader already hints at a high-tech interior. It’s the ideal companion for a smart home. As soon as the house detects the presence of authorised visitors and owners (aka as soon as you’ve scanned your fingerprints), it could light the hallway ready for you. On the other hand, a solid wooden door showcases a more traditional decor. You can even have it painted, so it matches your entryway. By blurring out the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, you can also make your small hallway appear bigger and brighter than it is. 

Front Door

Pick a focus point

Your hallway is too small to think of complex decor strategies. However, you can inject stylish additions that will act as a focal point. When you create a natural flow for the eyes, you take control over the space. Using an oversized abstract wall art canvas, for instance, to cover one side of your hallway can transform spatial perceptions. The small hallway feels roomier and visually more appealing as the eye registers the painting rather than the wall underneath. Play with dimensions, bringing XXL items into the small entryway, from art pieces to a large potted plant. It can make the hallway more interesting and remove visual references. Without a clear reference point, it’s impossible to tell whether you are in a narrow or a wide space. So, as long as your focus point doesn’t hinder the passage, you can go as big and wild as you wish. 

Learn to reflect the light

Hallways are often dark due to their corridor nature. A front door with glass panels can bring more light into this part of your home. But it is unlikely to brighten up a windowless area. Besides, you may not be comfortable with the idea of using a glass panelled door. But you can bring the light from other parts of the house into the hallway using reflective surfaces. A strategically placed mirror is going to be an incredible ally to bring light into a dark entryway. Paired with paint colours that lighten the walls, you can turn the tunnel of doom into a passage of light. Contrary to common belief, white isn’t always the best solution. It could make the hallway feel flat. Instead, choose pale neutrals, such as cream, greys, and blues to reflect the light further. 

An organised storageThe hallway is a purposeful space despite its narrowness. It typically contains shoes, coats, hats, umbrellas, and other weatherproof garments. Unfortunately, keeping everything in its place can be tricky. While a shoe rack will shrink the walking passage, it is an essential addition that will keep your belongings organised. Keeping shoes on the floor or aligned against the wall can feel messy and make the hallway appear crammed. On the other hand, a vertical shoe rack with hangers for your coats will keep everything in one place and out of the passage. A shoe cabinet with doors is an even better choice, as you can store shoes out of shoes for a clean and minimalist space.

Transforming your entryway doesn’t have to break the bank. On the contrary, it’s all about smart and strategic tips to maximise space and light perceptions. You can add subtle fragrance to the space, making it more inviting and reflecting the rest of your home. For instance, a fragrance diffuser placed between the hallway and the first room can elevate the mood, bringing the hallway to the heart of your home. 

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