AD: Keep Your Feet Comfy and Dry with LOOM

I am still not quite ready to let go of summer, but we are heading towards Autumn at speed and it will soon be time to pack my trusty sandals away.

We love heading out to explore, whatever the weather and always ensure we are prepared for our changeable weather.

I have recently been introduced to LOOM Footwear, whose trainers are 100% waterproof – music to my ears.

Loom Footwear is available now in men’s and women’s sizes at and will keep feet dry even in full submersion. They also feature shock-repellant and temperature-regulated material, making this sneaker an all-terrain, all-season shoe with the feel and levity of a running shoe.

These functional sneakers are perfect for almost any occasion, you can wear them for sport, work, outdoors, indoors and even water sports.

Loom’s slip-on design makes them easy to put on and take off, and they can be worn with or without socks. The flexible and form-fitting design hugs the foot and guarantees no rashes or blisters on bare feet.

Loom Footwear utilises a few key materials to achieve its aim of making its shoe so versatile. These include a Merino wool interior, an H2-Go waterproof layer, and an Excelcast sole.

They use Merino wool because it is the highest-performance fabric of the 21st century. It is as soft as cashmere, as strong as leather and is able to regulate temperature to keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And, it’s antimicrobial, making Loom immune from athlete’s foot, odour, and infection-causing bacteria.

Their waterproof and moisture-wicking technology allows their shoes to be one of the most advanced in the market and with the perfect cushioning system to maximise comfort for you, you cannot go wrong.

To celebrate the launch of these fabulous shoes, there is currently 60% off at

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