8 Must-Have Essentials for Travelling With Your Cat

Many pet owners cannot stand being away from their furry friends for more than a few hours, much less for days at a time. However, cats aren’t like dogs. They rarely like to travel, as they prefer the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings. Joyrides are not their favourite things, they usually dislike riding in a car for short trips, and cats definitely avoid long ones whenever possible.

If you find you want or need to take your cat on vacation with you, certain things help to make the trip easier. Gather the following items before you head out to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for your feline companion. 

Litter Box and Supplies

Cats aren’t trained to relieve themselves when the vehicle stops. They use the bathroom whenever they need to simply by visiting their litter box. Bring this box with you on the trip and include their regular litter and a scoop. Now isn’t the time to try a new type of litter, so bring your regular brand. Ensure the litter comes with a spout so it’s easy to clean the box when needed. Plan stops every two or three hours to allow the cat to use the litter box and get some water. Between stops, try using cat diapers to avoid accidents in the car. 

Food and Water

Along with their litter box, bring your cat’s favorite food and plenty of water. Don’t carry the entire bag of cat food, but place it in clear plastic containers. It may be helpful to divide the food for each day of the trip, but find what works for your pet.

Cats need water when traveling, so bring bottled water and a bowl. Fill the bowl at every stop to allow the cat to drink if they want to. However, take care when offering food and water. Don’t let the cat eat and drink too much until you see how they do in the car. They could become sick, and nobody wants to clean up cat vomit while traveling. Pack cat treats as rewards for the pet because they deserve them for going outside of their comfort zone. 


Nothing is worse than losing a pet while traveling. Sadly, this happens to individuals every day when they didn’t secure their pet and the animal got loose. In addition, pets often disappear following an accident. Bring a cat carrier to reduce the risk of your cat being lost. The carrier will also prevent the cat from wandering around the car and interfering with the driver’s ability to handle the car.

Choose a hard plastic carrier, and buckle it in with a seat belt to keep the pet safe. Allow the cat to look out if they appear to like this. If the cat appears anxious, however, cover the gated door so they can’t see what’s around them. Choose a carrier that provides enough room for the cat to stand up and turn around. Don’t get one they can roam around in. Too much room could result in the cat being injured if the driver must brake suddenly or if the vehicle is in an accident. 

Provide each cat with its own carrier when you are traveling with multiple cats. This precaution reduces the risk of the cats being hurt in an accident. In addition, they won’t be cooped up together and will be happier when you arrive at your destination. 


Bring a few favorite toys for the cat. Purchase a few new items as well to entertain your companion while traveling. Noisy, jingling toys need to be avoided, however, as they will irritate the cat’s traveling companions. While the goal is to keep the cat happy and stress-free, their humans deserve the same courtesy.

When stopping for breaks, spend time playing with the cat after they eat and use the bathroom. They need exercise after being cooped up in their carrier. If they remain trapped in the carrier all day with few breaks, they are likely to act out when you arrive at your destination. Playing with them at rest stops helps to prevent this. 

Photos and Tags

Bring along photos of the cat and ensure they have their collar and ID tag. If the cat does escape, these items will be of help in finding them, as the photos can be shared with people in the area where the animal got lost. If they do come across a cat they believe is yours, the tag will confirm it. When stopping, make certain all doors and windows in the vehicle are closed to prevent their escape. 

Vet Information

Carry your vet’s information with you when traveling. People often assume they can access this information from their mobile devices. They may find they lack the signal to access it, however, when they need it most.

Before traveling, take the time to research vets in the area where you are going. A person can never know when their pet will need medical care. If you find yourself in need of a vet, you want to know who to call regardless of where you are. Taking the time to learn about local vets before you travel will provide you with peace of mind if medical care is needed for your pet. 

Cat Bed

If your cat has a bed at home, try to bring it on the trip with you. Your cat will appreciate having it along. If you cannot take the bed for some reason, turn their carrier into a bed. Bring pillows and blankets they are familiar with and line the carrier with them. The familiar smell and feel will provide them with comfort. Take the top off of the carrier when you arrive at your destination so they don’t feel cooped up when trying to rest. 

Scratch Post

Cat owners know how their pets love to sharpen their claws on anything that is handy. Bring along a scratch post so they have somewhere to do so. Although this might seem a bit much to people, cat owners would rather have their cat scratch the post than expensive furnishings in their accommodations. 

Travelling with cats doesn’t have to be challenging. Bring the above mentioned items and the trip will go much smoother. Your cats will arrive at the destination ready to explore their new surroundings and you’ll have your beloved companions with you. This provides peace of mind knowing they are cared for and you can enjoy a trip more. 

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