Luxury Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day is the one day a year when mothers get to be as selfish as they want, a day when they get to be looked after and showered with gifts. If you are looking for a special, luxury present either for your mother, your wife or if you want to give your loved ones some inspiration – here is a list of luxury gifts that are guaranteed to go down a treat.


Jewellery is always a winner. You can get a beautiful, long-lasting piece that will be a keepsake for years to come and possibly a gift that can be passed on to the children. Depending on the mother in question’s style, you can get some beautiful diamond earrings, a heartfelt photo locket or a sparkly tennis bracelet. 


Like quality jewellery, a watch can last a lifetime and possibly even longer. You can build a collection of classic watches or just have a particular timepiece for special occasions, either way, make sure you do your research as some watches will only increase in value as they get older!


You can get a luxurious designer handbag or a practical, yet chic backpack. Alternatively, you can buy a fancy new luggage set and make some promises that you will be going away soon on a family holiday or a romantic break for two to get away from the kids.


Following on from that brand new luggage set, book your mother/wife/yourself a holiday for Mother’s Day. A weekend away in the country, a family trip abroad or a romantic getaway with the husband to take a break from the kids.

Spa Treatment

You can opt for a spa day or go all out and book in a whole weekend of relaxation for a hard-working mother to take a break and unwind. There are plenty of options for experience days or special vouchers that allow her to pick and choose when she goes and what treatments she would like to get.

Pregnancy Massage

Family Portrait

It is impossible to get the whole family together for a photo, so why not book a photography session to make sure you will have a fantastic piece to hang proudly over the fireplace. If you really want that wow factor you can even commission a family portrait to be painted, something that will amaze and impress everyone that comes into your home.


If the gift receiver has a signature scent they love then that is a guaranteed home run, or you can splash out on one for special occasions. Alternatively, try something completely new that you think they will love!


These do not have to be designer stilettos or impractical high heels, although these are ideal for some glamorous mothers out there, there are more sensible options that will go down even better. Depending on the person getting the gift you can buy her some Dr Martens, some designer trainers or some out of this world walking boots – whatever will suit them best.

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