A Tidy Garden Aesthetic – Is It Even Possible?

While the weekly efforts of keeping our garden in good shape during the months it is possible to do so (such as mowing our lawns and trimming our hedges) will be important, it may seem that cultivating our green space to look ‘tidy’ and even ‘uniform’ is asking too much. After all, our gardens are direct parts of nature, and so we can’t really help it when the leaves fall from the trees, or when weeds grow, or when moss develops on our garden path slabs.

However, while we cannot expect perfection, keeping a tidy garden aesthetic is more than possible. It all depends on the miniature cultivation efforts you put forward, as well as some of the design principles you have used to establish features and other crucial elements you wish to make use of. In this guide, we hope to help you define all that for the better, while also helping your garden look tidy, neat and worthwhile year round.

Install Or Restore Your Decking

It’s a good idea to restore your decking, or install a deck if you haven’t already. This provides a uniform staging area you can use to host your garden furniture, or other installations like a grill you can use on those wonderful summer days. It’s important to use decking that looks great, neat and is structurally sound, like composite decking. This can also help you add more utility to a garden, particularly if it’s on an incline. That adds value to your home for a very reasonable fee, and thanks to the uniform visual style, they don’t add much in the way of visual clutter.

A Neat Garden Path

A neat garden path is very useful, not only to implement a tidy visual style, but to help you access the garden comfortably even in wet or winter weather. A neat garden path can be implemented in a range of ways, from concrete patio slabs, to wooden chip paths, to logs properly placed one after the other or stepping stones that have a sense of unique home-grown versatility to them. Investing in a garden path can also help you increase the value of your home – because this is a fixture that people expect to see in most gardens, and notice when it’s not present.

Keep Nature At Bay

It’s good to keep nature at bay as much as you can if you hope to keep your garden neat and tidy. This means regular mowing, inspecting our tree line for rot (and pruning them where necessary using an arborist service), as well as trimming hedges and pulling weeds where appropriate.

Create a focal point

It can also be worth making sure that the nature you do want in the garden is cultivated. For instance, bird feeders, squirrel feeders, flags and fountain features, all of these can make a difference in how comforting your garden looks, and how vibrant and alive your garden feels.

Before you set up a flagpole in your garden, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of the latest rules and regulations to ensure you aren’t breaking any law. Flagpole installation is fairly straight forward, however, the flag pole must not exceed more than 4.6 metres above ground level and the flag must be kept in a safe condition.

With this advice, you’re sure to keep a tidy garden aesthetic in the best way.

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