Top Health Tips For The Contemporary London Lifestyle

Living in a bustling city such as London can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. The multiculturalism combined with the wealth of entertainment and activities available makes for a wonderfully interesting lifestyle. However, amidst all the excitement it can be easy to forget about taking care of ourselves, physically and mentally. City life can be quite stressful, and in some cases even harmful to our health, but the benefits of living in a city can make it worth the sacrifice. However, there is nothing stopping you from doing your best to ensure you’re feeling as happy and healthy as possible in an attempt to counteract these issues. We’ve put together our top health tips to help you on your way to a healthier London lifestyle. 

Keeping Active
When you live somewhere so big, it can be tempting to take public transport everywhere you go. This is often unavoidable when you have places to be such as getting to work on time, but when you can, try to find some alternative travel options. Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit and choosing a 45-minute walk to your destination every once in a while, is a great way of getting the blood pumping, as well as stimulating the mind. This also gives you time to maybe listen to a podcast or play some of your favourite music to destress yourself. Another great alternative to taking public transport, especially if you’re travelling far, is to cycle. Cycling in London has become incredibly popular over the years and has led to some much more accessible bike routes throughout the city’s busy Burroughs. 

Eat Well
Ensuring you are eating a healthy and balanced diet can feel a bit overwhelming at times, especially if you have a busy life. A good diet has a hugely beneficial impact on your life though, from your physical health to your mental wellbeing. Sugar is probably one of the biggest contributors to poor health and tends to be a great place for many of us to start when cutting down on unhealthy foods. Try to find some replacements for excessive sugary snacks and drinks to beat those cravings and couple this new diet with more exercise and you’ll find that you’re feeling much healthier and more energetic than usual.

Use Healthcare Services
It’s easy to dismiss minor health problems or concerns, especially when we’re busy, but touching base regularly with health professionals is very important. Not only can they help to keep you on top of any possible health problems, but they can also help to alleviate any concerns you may be having. You should make sure that you’re registered with both a local doctors surgery, as well as a quality dentist. You may be tempted to sign up to the nearest dentist, but this isn’t necessarily the best choice. 

There are some fantastic options around the city so make sure you do some research into finding the best one. This dentist in Fulham for example, is both well-situated for those living in West London and the surrounding area due to it’s nearby London Underground links, and provides quality, affordable dental care. Spending time finding a good dentist when you’re desperate for treatment isn’t a pleasant experience, so make sure you’re signed up somewhere before you experience any dental problems. 

Mental Wellbeing
Taking care of our minds is just as important as looking after our bodies, and the big-city environment is notorious for being quite stressful. It’s important to take some time out for yourself amidst the chaos, as well as ensuring you’re getting enough social interaction with those you care about. Connecting with other people can help to destress us just as much as solo meditation, whether you’re grabbing a coffee with friends or going on a fun night out. Similarly, keeping your mind active and learning can help you to feel productive. Try taking on a new hobby or learn a new skill to strengthen your mind. Activities such as learning a new language can be very rewarding both mentally and for your life as a whole and can even open up new avenues for your career. This can give you a huge boost to your confidence which could lead to having a more positive outlook on life.

Getting Fresh Air
One of the worst parts of living in cities when it comes to our physical health is the higher amounts of pollution in the air. While the air quality is getting better in the post-industrial world there is still cause for concern for our health while constantly breathing in bad air in the form of exhaust fumes and other pollutants. A great idea if you’re living more centrally is to invest in a quality air purifier for your home, and to take regular trips to local parks and natural spots outside of the city boundaries. 

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  1. When I was living in London, I had a lot of trouble to keep it all together between long shifts, junk food, and little sleep. I found that I needed to move out to another country – I’m now in Rome – to figure out my limits and how to become more balanced. But I’m telling you, I really, really miss London. It’s just a city that’s stuck to you, isn’t it?


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