Guide on Choosing Wallpaper for Kids’ Rooms for Children Aged 10 years and Below

Wallpapers are big right now, and only expected to get bigger as a popular décor choice.  Go online and you will be overwhelmed by the many wallpapers out there. Thankfully, sites such as have made it their business to put together some of the best wallpapers.

In the children’s category is a wide range of wallpapers that are sure to be a hit with kids of different ages. Age is an important consideration when choosing a wallpaper for your kids’ room, because you have to be mindful of their developmental needs. The right wallpaper will do more than just liven up your child’s room; it can be an important creativity tool and help them play and learn. In this regard, it is right to consider the wallpaper in your child’s room as a functional element.

Here is a short guide on choosing age-appropriate, kid-friendly wallpapers for your child’s room

Babies or Infants (0-1 Years)

You will no doubt want to furnish your baby’s nursery even before they are born. Whatever wallpaper you choose, you can be sure, your child will barely notice it in the first 1-2 months of their lives. Their eyesight right after birth is limited, and they will only be keen on your face, and not taking in the surroundings.

At the 1-2 month mark, your child’s vision will have become better and their room will suddenly be the subject of visual exploration. As far as colors go, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional blue or pink. Kids love those light and happy colors which create a warm atmosphere. As far as patterns go, choose something catchy, such as a friendly animal faces, trees and flowers. Clouds and stars are also a great pick for wallpaper patterns in a baby’s room.

Toddlers (1-3 Years)

In the ages between 1-3 years, kids will experience great developmental milestones starting with their vision. Your child can clearly distinguish between different colours and patterns thanks to improved colour vision, visual acuity and 3-dimensinal sight. 

You know your child best, find a colour and pattern they would love. For example, choose a pattern featuring characters from your child’s favorite show. Your child will be able to easily pick out these characters, and don’t be surprise if they immerse themselves in this new fantasy world that their room delivers.

Kindergarteners (Ages 3-6 Years)

At the playschool or kindergarten, your child will spend their days improving on their knowledge of the world as well as their social skills. Your child’s curiosity will have peaked and they will pay more attention to the colour and patterns in their room décor and elsewhere. 

At this age, your child will have developed a preference and they can tell you what these are. It’s around this time that boys and girls start to have different preferences. Your little girl will be more drawn to fantasy creatures like unicorns, princesses and fairytale landscapes. If you have a little boy, you will notice their preference for cars, ships and airplanes,as well as zoo animals and jungle themes. Boys tend to go for blue, grey, as well as stronger colours such as red. On the other hand, girls will want the traditional pink and maybe some yellow and lilac.

Pay attention to what your child likes best and you can get the right wallpaper for their room to match this preference.

School-Going Kids (Ages 5-10 Years)

S your child starts school around age 5-6, their room becomes so much more than a place where they go to sleep and a play area. It becomes a place to study in, and somewhere to retreat to when they want or need to, as well as a place where they can have their friends over during those playdates or sleepovers. Your choice of wallpaper and décor must be versatile enough to accommodate all these functions.

Wallpapers that feature a realistic depiction of their favorite activities and characters are always a hit with kids in this age bracket. Just as popular are wallpapers with geometric shapes, abstract patterns and numbers or letters arranged in an awesome design.

At this age your child is actively developing and cultivating a personality, which they will want reflected in so many ways, including their choice of room décor. Allow your child to express what it is they’d like to have in their room, so that in the end, they truly own their space. You can go through some designs and pick what they like best.

The Wrap Up

You may have to change up the wallpaper in your child’s room every now and then to keep up with their changing developmental needs as well as preferences. As they get older, you want to ensure that they are involved in the decision as you choose from wallpapers for kids’ rooms.

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