Project 365 2021 – Week Forty

This week I finally got my car back after its MOT fail. I cannot say I enjoyed doing battle with the bus as it is so unreliable, but it seems to be cheaper than running my old car.

There have been a number of COVID cases in Eliza and Sebby’s school this week, so we have all started doing Lateral Flow Tests again, to be safe. Thankfully we are all clear so far, but Sebby is a close contact so we are keeping an eye on him.

Here is our week:

Sunday 3rd October

Before the pandemic, Isaac and Eliza were keen swimmers, training with a swimming club 4-5 times a week. Although they did go back briefly, we found that the session times didn’t fit with our new job roles and it wasn’t ideal jumping in the car still in wet swimwear in the depths of winter, so we made the decision to stop.

Although they don’t want to go back to the training regime, they both missed regular swims, so today we had a trial for Branksome Surf Lifesaving club, which involves swim training, plus lifesaving techniques. They both passed with flying colours and it was lovely to see that they haven’t lost any of their swim technique.

In fact, it was a double trial day for Eliza as she also had a synchro taster session in the evening, which she also sailed through. We then stooped at Tesco Express on the way home, where she excitedly spotted her scout group on the community grant stand.

Monday 4th October

My car is still off the road, so I had a day at home with Lilah, catching up on some reviews and some housework.


Lilah carried her new soft and cuddly dumbo with her all day.


In the evening we got an email from school to say there was a positive COVID case in Eliza’s year and to remain vigilant. Thankfully the whole class doesn’t have to isolate now.

Tuesday 5th October

I have finally got my car back with a new MOT, but I am £700 lighter after 3 new tyres and lots of work needed to get it through. My only photo today was of Button, our Praying Mantis. The kids love watching it catch and eat its prey.

Wednesday 6th October

I am back doing a full day at the nursery school on a Wednesday now and forgot how tiring it is.

My only photo today was of Isaac making shadows with a candle.

Thursday 7th October

Another work day for me, but day off for my husband, who finally fixed our broken washing line.

We got another COVID email today, this time about a positive case in Sebby’s year.

Friday 8th October

Yet another COVID email today, this time to say that Sebby was a close contact and to book a PCR test. We did a lateral flow, which didn’t go down well with him and thankfully it was negative.

In fact, as the day wore on there are now a number of cases in his class and more who just have a nasty cold.

Saturday 9th October

At the end of September, we visited Brownsea Island with Wessex Museums and Dorset Wildlife Trust and Isaac put his name on the waiting list to join their Young Conservationist programme.

I got an exciting emailing to say a place had opened up on Thursday and today was his first day. I dropped him off at Sandbanks, where he caught the National Trust boat over to the island will his fellow conservationists.

He came back so excited about all the things he had seen and done, which included planting trees, identifying animals and birds and even some classroom work.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 – Week Forty”

  1. Sounds like a busy week with lots of opportunities. I feel your pain with your car. Mine is only 6 years old, but cost me a similar amount – I needed 2 tyres plus brake pads and discs. Ouch. I would have liked N to do rookie lifeguard lessons as he gave up swimming lessons just pre-Covid. But he’s only swum once since and that was in a friend’s ‘pond’/lake.

  2. Fingers crossed the LFT stay negative. It is such a worry.
    The Lifesaving club sounds like great fun and it’s something good to know too.
    Eek! That is a big bill for your car. At least it’s fixed now. x

  3. Our schools are really struggling with Covid cases so some classes have gone back into bubbles and the secondary school is doing daily testing. Our new leisure centre has finally reopened so I’m hoping to start swimming lessons for the kids at some point when the world calms down! #project365

  4. Oh, the sea, the sea, I miss the sea! Such beautiful scenery. The cases of kids with Civid are on the rise everywhere. Eddie’s class also had a few pupils getting Covid. Such anxious times. Love the photo with the shadows. Lilah is growing up. Her Dumbo toy is very cuddly. I have also kept a smaller Dumbo toy from the days of Eddie’s babyhood.

  5. Glad you’ve got your car back again. Well done to Eliza and Isaac on passing their trial for the lifesaving club. It’s worrying when there are so many Covid cases in the school isn’t it? Glad the kids’ tests have been negative so far and hope they stay that way. The young conservationist day at Brownsea Island sounds great – glad Isaac enjoyed it. #project365


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