AD: Cats vs Pickles now available at B&M

Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love!

If you have not heard the new collectable craze, where have you been?

Cats Vs Pickles™  are super fun plush collectible toys that my kids adore and have quite a collection.

We were very excited to learn that they are now available at B&M and couldn’t wait to head down with our collectors poster, to see if we could find them.

Our first visit, before half term, ended in disappointment, but thankfully we were more successful on our second visit this week, although it did take some super spotting by Sebby to find them hidden amongst all the boxes.

The kids chose Magicat, Aubergine Cat and Fitzghurken to add to their collection. We are now on the hunt for Kicks and P.I.B.

There are 230 Cats Vs Pickles™ small plushies to collect, which have an RRP of £4.99.

If you, or the kids, are a keen collector, join the UK Official CVP Facebook group who often post their finds and offer swaps, so you can get the plushies you want,

Are you a Team Cat or Team Pickle?

Disclaimer: We were challenged to visit our local B&M store to see if we could find the Cats Vs Pickles™ collectables we want next.

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