Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Four

With half term and Halloween now over, we are now on the countdown to Christmas and I have made a start on the Christmas shopping.

We are now full on with clubs, with one the kids having at least one per day. It is almost like pre-pandemic days, although we are doing a variety of sports and activities now, not just swimming.

Here is our week:

Sunday 31st October

Halloween and the kids finally made a start on their Halloween pumpkins, with Eliza making her own design and Sebby choosing Jack Skellington.

This is the first time we have used a template and it worked really well – we were all very proud of our creations.

It felt like a really long wait for it to go dark, but finally we could put them out and head out trick or treating.

Our estate was out in force and it was lovely to see the kids all dressed up. Everyone was well behaved and it was agreed before hand, that on-one would knock on doors without decorations, which worked really well. I think we have enough sweets to last until next year!!

Monday 1st November

Eliza and Sebby were back to school, but Isaac had an inset day, so he came out with me for a walk with Lilah and her new scooter.

She wasn’t sure at first, but soon got the hang of it.

Tuesday 2nd November

Since Isaac stopped swimming, he has been keen to get more active. We have been on a waiting list for our local climbing centre for months and today was his first lesson of his course.

He loved his first session and cannot wait to go again, even though his arms hurt afterwards.

Wednesday 3rd November

A work day for me at preschool, where most of the kids seemed to have coughs and colds. My only photo today was of Sebby’s homework which has to be handed in online.

Thursday 4th November

The weather has been so hit and miss lately that the tumble dryer has been used daily, so it felt really nice to get the washing on the line, probably for the last time of the year as it is starting to get cold.

Friday 5th November

Another work day for me and my only photo was of my lunch – we have the Christmas Meal Deal sandwiches back in and this is our favourite – I just had to send a picture to my husband!!

Saturday 6th November

Isaac is a Young Conservationist on Brownsea Island and goes over once a month to help Dorset Wildlife Trust.

It was very blowy waiting for the boat to arrive and I really regretted not wearing a coat. Luckily Isaac was more prepared and had a great day.

The volunteers collected 45kg of litter, just from one beach including a purple dress that was full of shore crabs. They also did some bird identification and cleared bracken around the site, where Isaac spotted a young deer and some red squirrels.

Sunday 7th November

Another work day for me. Isaac and Eliza volunteered to selling poppies with their scout group in our local Asda and raised £552.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Four”

  1. It sounds like things have been busy for you. The pumpkins look fab and so do the costumes. The climbing looks like great fun.
    It is a treat now to get the washing out on the line. I had a load out today and it half dried before it ended up back on the airers.
    Good on Isaac and Eliza selling the poppies. x

  2. The kids have a lovely variety of activities with good causes, well done with the litter collecting and the poppy appeal. Love the halloween costumes and pumpkin carving. our street is the same, no decorations, no door knocking

  3. Love the Jack Skellington pumpkin. Love Lilah’s new scooter with the unicorn head. Sophie had one of those on hers and loved it. Glad Isaac enjoyed his first lesson at the climbing centre and the Young Conservationist day sounds like such a wonderful thing to do. How lovely that he and Eliza volunteered to help sell poppies with their scout group. #project365

  4. Lovely photos of pumpkin-carving! Eliza suddenly looks so grown up. You do take Halloween seriously, just look at all the decorations and costumes. 🙂 I’m impressed. Good on your guys to help selling the poppies.


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