Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Seven

It has been a very busy week for us, even by our standards!

The kids have seen three shows this week, we started with Frozen on Sunday, Elf the Musical on Wednesday and then a local amateur dramatics pantomime on Thursday!

My husband and I got a rare evening off and went out for dinner, I passed my COVID friendly first aid course, which basically means no practical work and we even saw snow – the real stuff!

Here is our week:

Sunday 21st November

Frozen day!!!!!!!

We stayed in Kensington, so before we headed to the theatre we walked through Kensington Gardens to see the Diana statue which was unveiled earlier this year. I wish I had taken my camera as the front view is too far away for my iphone.

It was then back to Covent Garden to see the snow before the show.

Frozen the Musical was AMAZING!!!!

It was everything we were expecting and more, with new songs, old favourites and brilliant special effects.

© Disney, photography by Johan Persson

Monday 22nd November

I had bought a shirt to wear to Frozen, but when I put it on, it had a hole in the seam, so when I picked Lilah up, I walked into town to change it and once done we walked through the gardens to see the Christmas Tree Wonderland.

Isaac came out of school and announced he had had his COVID fab. I filled in the forms a couple of weeks ago, but they hadn’t given us a direct date.

Isaac and Eliza had climbing and axe throwing at our local scout centre in the evening and once they had finished, Eliza was invested and I arrived just in time to see her take her promise.

Tuesday 23rd November

I am first aid trained at the Nursery, but Tesco couldn’t use my qualification, so I attended a 3 day First Aid at Work course at a local hotel. They were prepping for a Christmas Fayre, so had some beautiful decorations up.

Wednesday 24th November

Day 2 of my First Aid course and I wore my new Christmas jumper from Elf for Christmas.

I have bought one for all the kids and I cannot wait to get a photo all together, but we are basically part of Santa’s Snowball team!

Lamp Chops

In the evening, the kids went to see Elf the Musical at the Lighthouse, so my husband and I headed to our local pub for a meal which was delicious.


Thursday 25th November

The last day of my First Aid Course and I passed!!

We were invited to review a real Christmas tree from Pines and Needles, so I sent my husband off to collect it and then we decorated it when the kids got home.

Christmas Tree

We have finally replaced our old angel whose wings kept falling off, with a new star that projects lights on the ceiling.

Friday 26th November

Eliza has known for a couple of weeks that she has been appointed a peer mentor at school and today she came home with her new hoody.

We have had a real increase in COVID cases at school and both Isaac and Eliza have been close contacts and were complaining of headaches. Thankfully both LFT’s came back negative and I think they are both tired from their busy week, although we do have a surprise tomorrow.

Saturday 27th November

The kids were not impressed with their 6am alarm call, but all agreed it was worth it when we arrived at Warner Bros Studios for Hogwarts in the Snow.

We have visited a few times before, but never at Christmas and it really didn’t disappoint, with gorgeous decorations in the Great Hall and key areas covered in snow. In fact, it actually did snow on the way there and during our visit.

The highlight of our visit was seeing Hogwarts Castle covered in snow.

Because we had an early start, it was lovely and quiet and we left in good time to get back for our local light switch on and musket firing by Wimborne Militia.

Another time I wished I had taken my big camera, but it was fun to watch.

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Seven”

  1. Wow! What an exciting week and a very, very festive week.
    The Frozen show sounds amazing! I’m glad you all had a good time.
    Hooray for Isaac getting the Covid jab, you passing the first aid course and Eliza getting her hoodie for being a peer mentor.
    Ahh! I am so jealous of you going to see Hogwarts in the Snow. I hope you had a fab time x

  2. WOW that really was a busy week. We have tickets to visit Warner Brothers in April and I know a certain person is going to be super excited! There has been an increase in cases here and we are all testing regularly but so far thankfully we are all in the clear.

  3. Three shows in a week – wow, that is a busy week and hope you enjoyed them all. Lovely to see so many in a week and to enjoy a meal out with you husband and Hogwarts in the Snow. Congratulations to Eliza on being invested into the Scouts. Love your Christmas tree – we still need to get ours up! #project365

  4. A busy week, so many exciting events! Glad you enjoyed the Frozen show. Hope Isaac is not feeling rotten after the jab. Well done to you for passing the first aid course. I remember when I did mine many years ago, I found it quite stressful. Hogwarts in the snow looks fab.


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