How to Create a Stylish Living Room When You Have Kids

Kids and a stylish living room may not be words you usually hear in the same sentence, but there is no doubt many parents would love to give their home a stylish makeover. If you have been swooning over immaculate interiors on Instagram, you may be desperate to give your living room a fresh new look. But is it possible to create a stylish living room when you have kids at home? The answer is yes! You may be swamped by toys and general clutter right now; but, it is possible to overhaul your living space and make it a place both the adults and the kids love. Here are some tips to help you plan your stylish living room makeover:

Declutter First

Decluttering your living room is your first and most essential task when you start your makeover. Clutter can build up so easily and so quickly, you may not be aware how much surplus stuff you have lurking in your lounge. Giving any old toys that no longer get played with to charity or selling them on will help you get a headstart. From here, it is all about removing anything that does not need to be in the living room and finding a home for it. Remember not to shift the clutter to another area of your home. Otherwise, it will begin to gradually creep back into your living room. 


Pick a Colour

Your choice of colour is a vital consideration when creating a stylish living room. If you want to make your room spacious and effortlessly stylish, selecting a neutral colour scheme is a great starting point. A neutral colour scheme will enhance the natural light in your room, making it appear brighter. With a fresh neutral colour on your walls, you will then have a perfect blank canvas to use to let your inner interior designer lose and your creativity flow.

Create a Focal Point

Every well-designed space needs a focal point that draws the attention of everyone entering the room. But, creating a focal point does not mean you need to add an elaborate sculpture or ostentatious chandelier to your room (unless you want to!). Instead, your focal point can be a practical item such as a rug or a beautiful sofa. Choosing a sofa in a neutral colour, such as grey, as your focal point is a great option. As your sofa is the largest item in the room, it is a natural focal point you can then style to suit your tastes. Once you learn how to style a grey sofa in your living room, you will be on your way to achieving a stylish living room.

Choose Storage

No matter how well you declutter, you will still need some storage in your living room to keep it looking tidy. Looking for attractive storage that matches the rest of your design scheme will ensure that the kids’ toys can be kept all in one place and your living room stays looking stylish.

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