5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Diet Today

To lead a happy and fulfilled life, we all understand the importance of eating healthily and following a balanced diet. Just like us humans, our dogs are no exception to this rule. What you feed your canine friend should never be something you take lightly. As well as regular exercise, your dog’s diet is the biggest contributor to their health and wellbeing.

Regardless of age, gender, or breed, feeding your dog healthy food is paramount. To ensure you’re doing just that, here are some simple ways to improve their diet today.

Focus on Quality Over Brand

When you switch on the TV or open a newspaper, there’s a good chance you will see an advert from a dog food brand. While your first thought may be to opt for the most popular brand, many of these companies mass-produce their dog food which may not be the best for your beloved pet. This is because the food can be filled with grain which isn’t good for your pooch’s digestive system as they have difficulty breaking it down. Whatever you do, it’s always best to focus on the quality of the food, rather than the brand. 

Avoid Cooked Meats

We’ve all been guilty of scraping our leftovers into our dog’s bowl. While this shouldn’t do your pooch too much harm, too many cooked meats aren’t beneficial for your dog’s health. In fact, you’ll find these foods are more valuable if they are not cooked. This means the next time you’re thinking of giving your dog any extra dinner, it may be wise to throw it on the compost heap instead.  


Stick to Organic

While it may seem obvious, organic fruits and vegetables are far more beneficial for your pooch than food that’s packed with preservatives. If you want to stick with all things natural and organic, look into companies like Encore. Encore sells dog food that’s made with 100% natural ingredients. Encore’s dog food comes in pouches, pates, and tins which are packed with protein and real meat, without any hidden extras. 

Say No to Gluten

If you feed your dog generic dried pet food, you’ll find most of it contains gluten. Unfortunately, gluten isn’t great for your dog’s kidneys and liver. This is because it forces waste products to be retained, instead of excreted. If your pooch is passing wind more often, gluten could be the root cause. Some dogs suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease too, so if you’re not sure what to do, it’s wise to speak to your vet first.

Don’t Overfeed

When your dog looks up at you with those shiny puppy dog eyes, you’ll be forgiven if you’re swayed into handing over a treat. However, overfeeding will result in your pooch gaining weight. No one wants to see their dog obese, so while the odd treat is fine, try to be stern and not give into their demands. After all, you’re doing this to keep your dog happy and healthy!

For your dog to live its best life and be with you for many years to come, what you feed them can have a real impact on their health and wellbeing. 

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