How to Make Bath Time Enjoyable for Your Kids

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath where you can really find your zen? Kids, that’s who. Bath time with children can be a struggle for many. Children, who understandably love a good roll around in the dirt, don’t usually like having to spend time soaking in the bath afterwards.
Make bath time more enticing for your children, and easier for you, so you can begin to wind down properly in the evenings. We’ll take you through some tips on how to bring fun and relaxation to your bed and bath time routine!

Early Bath Time

Firstly, try to get bath time out of the way as early as possible in the evenings. This avoids the big rush before bedtime trying to tie up loose ends and gives you more time to transition smoothly to bedtime, which should send your little one off to sleep much quicker!
Ensure the bath water is the right temperature for your child, remember their skin is far more sensitive than ours! Stick your elbow in the bath water to judge if the temperature is just right. You can always add more hot water later if needed. Check out GROHE’s shower thermostat if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom accessories. 

Colourful Bubbles and Water

Colourful baths are very enticing for children. Pick up some different bubble bath or bath bombs to add some variety to bath time and keep your child intrigued by new colours and scents every night!

Toy Time

Toys in the bath are the ultimate distraction for children and will get you through the process much easier! Have trouble getting your child into the bath? Dangle the toys above the bath, plop them in, and get your kids to jump in after for a splash around! Make sure your toys are water safe to avoid mould and have a basket beside the bath where they are stored to dry off properly after each bath. 


Responsibility Handover

Have your kids wash themselves to give them some independence and responsibility. You could show them how to wash their toys and then let them wash their bodies while you are shampooing their hair!
We all dread hair washing day. It often leads to tears and is traumatising for all parties involved. A great simple solution is to cover your child’s eyes with a damp cloth to avoid suds getting in them during shampooing. There are also plenty of child friendly shampoos available which aren’t as harsh on the eyes as standard ones. If you’re still struggling with hair washing, check out other great advice on how to wash your child’s hair.

Art Time

Add a little bit of food colouring to shaving foam and get out some paint brushes and let your kids become Picasso in the bath!

Disco Bath

Get some glow in the dark toys for the bath and turn the lights down low. Turn on some fun music to get your child hyped for bath time and finish of with some relaxing music to cue bedtime.

Learn Something

There are so many great bath toys for children available, which are fun and educational! Consider some foam numbers and letters which they stick on the wall while in the bath and practice their learning. Often, the best learning happens when we are having fun and don’t even notice. Check out our useful article for other tips on how to inspire your child to love learning.

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