Where to buy fixings?

A question I’ve asked myself quite often recently as I’m getting ready to do some renovations around the house. Where to buy fixings? I don’t want any type of fixings. I want good-quality fixings that will keep things in place for many years to come. 

Of course, I could go to the closest Wilko’s or something similar and buy whatever was cheapest but is that truly worth it? I’ve been considering many different shops online and “offline”. So much so that I’m writing a whole blog post about it. 

During my search for good quality fixings, I found Speedy Fixings, a local shop that sells all kinds of hardware for the construction industry. Besides good-quality fixings, I want to help local businesses, so Speedy Fixings seem like a good bet. Have you shopped at Speedy Fixings? Their Google reviews seem brilliant and their customers seem very happy with their products and customer service. 

I might give them a go, or if you have other recommendations, feel free to let me know in the comments. Since we are on the topic of fixings, I thought it would be good to further explain what fixings are and why I think it’s so important to choose good-quality fixings.

What are fixings?

Also known as fasteners, fixings are used to unite two surfaces together. Some commonly used fixings include screws, nuts, washers and bolts. You can find these anywhere and everywhere – whether you are on and about or at home, look around and you will see a screw, a bolt or any other type of fastener nearby.

As Designing Buildings explain, “Fixings are used to hold things together or to attach them to the surfaces such as walls, floors or roof. They are a form of connector and play an indispensable role in construction.” 

Why is quality important?

The quality of fixings you choose can either make or break a project. When considering fixings, there are four main things to think about:

  • Strength. 
  • Durability. 
  • Safety. 
  • Efficiency. 

Fixings need to offer a tight seal between materials, and one that will keep secure during a long period of time. Poorly manufactured fixings can easily crack and break (which is the last thing you want in a construction project). So, always opt for good-quality fixings and fastenings for your projects. 

New Civil Engineer understands the importance of finding the right fixing, however, they also share that “knowing what’s out there can be just as much of a challenge as making the right design choice for the problem at hand.” It’s important to choose the right fixing based on the performance needed for each application instead of picking fixings based on personal preference and previous experience.

Whether you need any type of fixings or other hardware for a renovation project, it’s important to consider all of the above before purchasing the first fixing you see (this applies to me too). Living Life Our Way also recommends Speedy Fixings as a tooling and fasteners supplier. So, I know exactly where I’m shopping!

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