3 Crucial Factors That Contribute To Home Security

As of September 2021, UK police had already dealt with over five million crimes. The most disturbing part is that more than half of these crimes were connected to home security. These statistics make it more important to rethink your security measures and make corrections where necessary. Again, burglars continue to get sophisticated, and you have a duty to throw them off-guard. Here are some crucial security tips you should consider for your home.

Invest in shatter-proof windows and glass doors

For many homes, stylish windows and sliding glass doors make up the overall aesthetics of the building. However, it is important to note that these are two places burglars find the easiest to access your valuables. These windows and sliding doors are left unsecured or poorly bolted in many cases. If you hate to add to the statistics, now may be ideal to take another look at your home’s security measures.

Shatter-proof custom windows and doors do more than protect you from intruders. They are excellent at protecting your home from flying debris in the event of bad weather. Therefore, while you go house searching, renovating, or building one, you may want to consider these dual-purpose windows and doors to safeguard your property.

Front Door

Fix security features in unexpected places

Now would be an ideal moment to know that crime keeps changing. The sophistication of petty crime, among others, makes it more imperative to remain a step ahead in the game. For instance, many homeowners stick to standard security measures because it has been the norm for ages. This includes keeping a keypad close to the entrance or backdoors. Another example is the installation of a home alarm right behind or beside the front door.

The truth is, experienced burglars know a lot about these things, making break-ins easier for them. Some can even disarm your home alarm. In this case, you can fix security features in places an intruder wouldn’t expect or suspect. You may also want to avoid keeping valuables in the master bedroom. These criminals have enough experience to know that the main bedroom is a likely place a homeowner would keep their most guarded belongings.

Get a decoy safe

If you ever considered keeping your most prized possessions and emergency cash in a safe, it would be a good idea to do so. However, there are two things to consider. The first is to avoid using a portable safe. The second is to consider investing in a decoy safe. With the latter, you have the option to keep items you can part away with if a burglary happens. Some homeowners may want to invest in something of a little more value as the decoy safe if a burglar suspects foul play.

The real safe, though, can be hidden from sight. This can be built into a concrete wall or your floorboard. Indeed, these measures may come at an extra cost, but in truth, they cannot be compared with the anguish of stolen valuables.

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