7 Gift Ideas for Parents Who Have Everything

It’s hard enough to find unique presents for your contemporaries, but coming up with gifts for parents who have everything present a particular challenge. But never fear. Often, it’s the small yet thoughtful reminders of special moments in your long history together that do the trick. Think of Cornish Sea glass art or a Bakewell pudding from Derbyshire. But if the gift is for a bigger event such as an important milestone or anniversary, you’ll want something extra special. Read on to rev up your imagination for gift ideas for parents who already have everything.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are timeless gifts that are appreciated by virtually everyone. Gems are also symbolic of many life events. For example, emerald is the traditional gemstone for a twentieth anniversary and pearls for a thirtieth. If mum already has a classic set, you could offer her baroque pearls for a unique twist on this perennial favourite. For dad, you could get him a pair of coordinating pearl cuff studs or a baroque pearl signet ring. Your parents will think fondly of you every time they wear them.

Mosaico Jewellery

2. Personalised Art

One thing most parents can never get enough of is family photos. There are virtually limitless ways to present pictures. You could draw (or have drawn) a family tree and attach images. You could purchase a free-standing or wall-mounted tree that holds any number of photos from just a few to dozens. If space is an issue, go with a digital picture frame that delivers a slideshow of many images whilst only consuming a minimum of table space. Other related ideas include a painting of the family home or a map marking places your parents have travelled to.

Travel Map

3. Name a Star

If someone you know and love deserves a place in history, then take the first step towards giving him or her this once-in-a-lifetime gift by naming a star just for them. Check out www.world-star-register.co.uk who offer a range of beautiful gift packs. Each star name package is carefully tailored to suit the occasion and is completely personalised. Their gift sets come delightfully packaged in presentation gift boxes and your chosen Star Name is recorded in their on-line online star locator to pinpoint and follow its location each night, which offers free access for life once registered.

4. Subscription Boxes

Gift cards are fine, but sometimes they can feel like a cop-out. One way to show you put extra thought into their gift is by offering them something that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes are great for this. There are options for literally every interest out there, like tea, mysteries, and eco-conscious living. Subscriptions can be for just a few months or last the whole year through, creating a regular reminder of how much you appreciate them.

5. Self-Care Items

Mum and dad are getting up there in years and they could use a little extra TLC. Daily visits to the massage therapist may not be practical but home self-care items are appreciated by just about everyone. Choose from among a wide variety of options: portable massage wands, heated wraps, shiatsu mats, or even a massage chair with extra-fancy offerings like a zero-gravity setting. For outdoor enthusiasts, consider heated portable seats for those who love a fresh-air event, but aren’t so keen to sit out in the cold anymore.

Or, if you know that there is something that will help to boost their confidence but you know they won’t purchase for themselves, this is the perfect time to help out. For example, they may have talked about professional teeth whitening in the past so that they feel better about their smile. It might not be the most usual gift, but it’s something worth looking into.


6. Master Classes

If your parents are downsizing or in the process of decluttering (or if you think they should be), a master class might be just the ticket. Like subscription boxes, there are offerings on quite literally any subject imaginable. Wine appreciation, storytelling, wellness, travel, you name it, there’s a course on it, and nearly all offer a virtual option so your parents won’t have the inconvenience of travel. Learning new things is also a great way to keep the mind sharp.

7. Give Them A Memory

The final thing that we’re going to say is that you can work on giving the parent a memory. This might be a picture that you can look into acrylic picture frames for, or it might be a memento from a trip that you took. Think about some of the things that they love, and think about some of the best memories that they have with their family, and use this to find the perfect gift.

Finding a unique way to show your appreciation for the people who have done so much for you is hard. But armed with the above suggestions, you can definitely come up something special, even for parents who think they already have it all!

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