Project 365 2022 – Week 12

It feels strange with both my husband and Isaac and Eliza away, although at least I am in charge of the TV. Shame the weekend is over-run with sport on terrestrial channels.

COVID levels are through the roof again and I know people on their second and third infections. I have been testing Sebby and Eliza this week as both have headaches, but thankfully both are negative.

Here is our week:

Sunday 20th March

With Isaac and Eliza away at scout camp and Sebby occupied with his friend, I had an admin day and sorted out all my old paperwork.

I can actually find things in my filing cabinet now and incinerated all the old paperwork I don’t need anymore.

Monday 21st March

My husband arrived home at 2am, went to bed and was back up and out the door at 6.30am for his work conference.

I’d love to say he was quiet, but managed to wake me up both times, so I was shattered for the school run. I got Isaac in the car to take him to school, to then get a text message to say they were remote learning this week due to staff absence. Apparently teachers are off with both COVID and chicken pox related absence.

Tuesday 22nd March

Lilah is obsessed with the shrimps in our fish tank at the moment, as they keep darting around really quickly.

Today was Eliza’s turn to have an eye test and I am pleased to report that she has perfect vision.

Wednesday 23rd March

My husband is finally home, although straight back to work.

My only photo from the day is Eliza’s hair, which has really grown so we can play around with plaits now.

Thursday 24th March

The day I have been waiting for since last July…… new car has finally arrived.

I ordered the car in July for delivery in September, but the pandemic and issues with parts meant it was delayed until now. I am so relieved to be back on the road again and not relying on other people for lifts.

My husband came home from work and said he felt shattered all afternoon, so I made him do a Lateral Flow Test……….positive. How he managed to avoid COVID when we all had it last month, yet catch it this week I don’t know.

Friday 25th March

Eliza was sent home from school with a headache, but luckily my husband was home so she chilled out with him on the sofa and watched Turning Red.

I came home to a lovely Mother’s Day surprise from Dorset Tea – what a lovely gesture.

Saturday 26th March

Before the pandemic, Eliza used to go mermaid swimming and has really missed it.

Today, her and her friend went back to it and LOVED every second. I think I need to try it now!

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 12”

  1. There has been so much sport on the TV lately. Hmmf.
    Oh no, that is bad news about the remote learning and your husband testing positive.
    Your new car looks fab and the mermaid swimming looks like such fun x

  2. Hope that Isaac and Eliza enjoyed their weekend at scout camp. Lovely photo of Eliza walking with Lilah and of Lilah looking at the shrimps. Glad you finally got your new car. Hope everyone manages to avoid getting Covid again. Mermaid swimming looks like a lot of fun. #project365

  3. Oh no to the covid. i only know a handful of people who haven’t had it now. Hope everyone recovers well. Love the mermaid picture and the walk to school. The weather has been really nice. Congrats on the new car, love the colour.


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