5 Tips on How to Make Your Garden a Great Party Spot for the Whole Family

In addition to being a great place to relax and play, a garden can double as a great place to host parties and get-togethers. Whether you have a small backyard or a huge yard, you can create an entertaining space for friends and family to gather. Here are five tips on making your garden a great party spot for the whole family.

Add Mood Lighting

From inground lighted pebbles to light stakes for pathways and hanging string lights for fences and walls, there are many different options for lighting for your garden. Solar lights can provide limited lighting for a cost-effective look when the sun goes down. Using more elaborate lighting can come with external plugs to offer more light for longer without worrying about them going off after a few hours.

Use Shelters To Define Sections

Whether you need a shelter to protect yourself from impending rain or cover from the sun on hotter days, shelters can help you provide a space for people to take cover when needed and define areas. For example, permanent structures such as pergolas can be installed with retractable awnings for a covered eating area or a space for children to play without being in the sun too long. Parasols can help you define more informal seating arrangements. Putting up gazebos can help you determine your garden more by creating a designated space for a specific purpose.

Add a Heat Source for Colder Nights

With the UK summer weather being highly unpredictable, it is always good to add a heating source to your outdoor entertaining space to keep your guests warm when out and about. Trendy options include electronic heaters that are aesthetically pleasing and emit a good amount of heat for those wanting to remain outdoors when the temperature drops.

Alternatively, firepits and chimneys are still good options and can be used with fire logs to generate heat. Also, heat logs are a good choice and can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces if you choose to move indoors to keep warm.


Choose Seating Carefully

You need somewhere to sit and eat and drink when in the garden, so when choosing your garden seating options, make sure you choose suitable seating for your needs. If you are looking for a more relaxed vibe, then zero gravity recliners or sun loungers can help you relax, as can swinging chairs for an added wow factor. If you are more for entertaining with food and drinks and frequent BBQs, dining sets with cushions can help you provide a functional space to relax and eat in comfort for you and your guests.

Use Multipurpose Decor

Use multipurpose decor to make your garden a great party spot. This can be adding seating that has underneath storage to store soft furnishings. Planters that can double as shelving in fences and walls or floor ornaments that allow you to use them define spaces. If you’re short on space, you can find gazebos with a bar area underneath or entertaining tables that incorporate a firepit to add space-saving features.

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