Project 365 2022 – Week 17

It’s almost all back to normal here, with work and school, although they started the week with an inset day.

My husband has started a new job and is back in Weymouth, just in time for the nice weather, so hoping to explore some more of the town in the next few months.

Here is our week:

Sunday 24th April

Isaac, Eliza and Sebby are all in the cubs / scouts and for the first time in two years, all got to take part in the St George’s Day Parade again.

It was a gloriously sunny day for it, albeit a bit chilly as we were marching by the sea.

Once the parade and presentations were over, we wandered in town so Isaac could spend some of his birthday money. On the way back through the gardens, we spotted a game that we enjoyed playing when on our cruise a few years ago, where you throw a beanbag into a hole – Isaac nailed it first time.

Monday 25th April

Inset day for all the kids, so we ventured out to Kingston Maurward to see the lambs.

Kingston Maurward is an agricultural college and is free to visit. As well as the animals, it has a woodland and lake walk so we took a picnic to make a day of it.

Tuesday 26th April

Back to school and work, but the evening saw us heading to the beach for the kids first beach session with Branksome Surf Lifesaving.

They much prefer it to being in the pool and Eliza complained that they didn’t get enough time in the sea – rather her than me, it might look warm but it was bloomin freezing.

Wednesday 27th April

Another work day and Abbey picked Isaac up from school for me.

She bought Lilah the cutest hat when she picked up Isaac’s birthday present – can’t help thinking she looks like an extra from Kevin and Perry though.

Thursday 28th April

The days all feel the same now we are back to school and work. The evening did see Sebby head to cubs and he was happy as they are outside now it is light enough.

Friday 29th April

After two years with barely any camps, they seem to have one every month at the moment.

It is lovely to see them having fun with their friends again.

Saturday 30th April

With the kids away, it was up to us to feed our Praying Mantis’.

They are getting big now and easier to take pictures of. This one is Blaze – Sebby’s Thistle Mantis.

Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 17”

  1. Good luck to your husband with his new job. It sounds like a good week. The cubs and scouts look very smart in the parade and it looks like the kids are having fun with them. x

  2. Hope your husband’s new job works out well. They’re so lucky to get all that camping. Although a bit hard to coordinate with other weekend things that are going on. Now N’s started football on Saturdays, it kind of puts paid to anything else happening, and is probably harder than tennis to coordinate as the coach is a bit random with his planning (or lack of!)

  3. Camping must be so exciting for them. I can’t wait to go on a camping holiday (as in a weekend away) at some point this summer. It’s something special about sleeping *almost* outdoors.
    Well done to Isaac to get that beanbag in the hole from the first try.

  4. How lovely that Sebby, Isaac and Eliza all got to take part in the St George’s Day parade. Glad the kids enjoyed their beach session even if Eliza didn’t get enough time in the sea for her liking! Love Lilah’s hat, and what a gorgeous smile to go with it. Hope the kids enjoyed being on camp again. #project365

  5. Good luck to your husband with his new job. Sounds like a great week and lovely the children got to take part in the parade. Love Lilah’s ‘Kevin and Perry’ hat.

  6. Zach has just started Beavers so I am looking forward to the parades and camping! I wonder if my son would want a praying mantis for his birthday…he already has pet ants… #project365


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