Stay Cool in Summer Maternity Dresses

Staying cool in a maternity summer dress is easier, as the fabrics and silhouette are designed for warm-weather wear. Therefore, this fashion  can be a great way to stay cool while looking chic for any occasion. 

While a maternity dress, worn during the summer, is meant to feel airy, the wrong choice can also lead to discomfort. Therefore, the following tips will help you find just the perfect dress for summer gatherings or for any occasion when wearing a dress is required.

Stay Away from Darker Colors

When choosing from summer maternity dresses, stay away from dark colors, especially blues and blacks. That’s because a dark color will absorb more heat and make you feel hotter than lighter colors like white or pastels. 

Additionally, fabrics with a lot of texture can trap the heat against your skin, which tends to make you feel warmer rather than cool. 

It helps, as well, to make sure your dress does not feature the following:

  • Thin straps or seams that rub against the skin
  • Elastic waistbands that are too constricting or tight – choose a thin elastic waistband over one that is thicker or wider in design

Always Choose a Lightweight, Breathable Material

The first step to finding a good maternity summer dress is to choose a lightweight fabric. If you’re looking for a dress that will keep you cool and is still stylish, you’ll want to find one made of cotton or linen. 

These fabrics are less heavy than others and allow the air to flow through them much more easily. The material should move with you and wick away moisture on hot summer days.

Sleeveless dresses are the best option – preferred over capped or short sleeved styles. 

Keep the Heat at Bay

Keep cool in your maternity summer dress, as well, by taking a total break from the heat. If you can, try to spend your time indoors where it’s air conditioned and drink lots of water. 

The fit of your dress is also an important consideration. If you want a more flowy fit, it’s best to choose a dress with a longer and roomier skirt. If you’d like a more fitted look but still want a measure of comfort, select a tank dress or opt for a dress that features a shorter skirt.

Taking Your Measurements

You don’t want any maternity style that makes you look “frumpy.” However, you also don’t want to sacrifice comfort and coolness either. Therefore, take your measurements first before choosing a dress size and a dress. 

Usually, you’ll wear the same size you wore before you were pregnant. However, some fabrics tend to stretch, which may require going down a size, especially if you choose a flowy dress. 

One Final Thought

Choose a maternity dress by focusing on the best styles for summer. Doing so will allow you to look both cool and fashionable.

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