Review: Ultimate Gross Science from John Adams

Did you know that that John Adams has a selection of STEM kits, all of which support National Curriculum learning.

We were sent Ultimate Gross Science to review and Isaac and Eliza could not wait to get stuck in.

The kit is a totally gross way to learn how your body works with 12 YUCKY experiments.

In The Box:

  • Clear instructions on how to complete the various experiments and what the kids are learning from it
  • Skull
  • bladder model
  • stomach model,
  • safety goggles
  • bladder clamp
  • snot pot
  • slime powder
  • Agar-Agar
  • eyeball moulds
  • balloon
  • pupil ball
  • plastic cup
  • poo mould
  • fart pot
  • pus ball
  • measuring scoop
  • vomit powder
  • syringe
  • fart putty powder
  • blood bag and label
  • stirrer
  • red, green, yellow, blue colouring

This science set has given the kids hours of fun as they have learned how farts are produced as well as making a bouncing poo!

They have been able to conduct the experiments themselves, and it was lovely to see them working together. I have had to help them tie up the odd balloon though.

Other experiments include understanding digestion; how your bladder pees; make your own disgusting pus ball; make fake blood and see it congeal; plus create a vomiting skull and much more!

You can even make your own slime!!


Do be prepared to take lots of videos of the kids conducting the experiments, or random pus balls shoved under your nose!

The Ultimate Gross Science set is available from Amazon, with an RRP of £29.99

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