Project 365 2022 – Week 22

OMG, how is it June already?

It is half term for us and although we are sad that we haven’t managed to get away, it is tinged with relief as all the queues at the airports and flight cancellations making the news, is scary.

We have been enjoying watching all of the Jubilee celebrations and it has been lovely to get involved with some local ones too.

Here is our week:

Sunday 29th May

Eliza and Isaac are loving the new series of Stranger Things, so when Isaac discovered the clothing range in Primark, they just had to see if they could get some. Unfortunately for us, the range is for men and everyone had the same idea as us and all the small sizes were sold out.

After visits to three local Primark’s, Isaac got a Hawkin’s top, but Eliza’s Hellfire t-shirt came from HMV in the end.

Monday 30th May

Our only planned day out for the school holiday’s, a trip to Oxford.


We started at The Story Museum, which is a fabulous museum filled to the brim with interactive stories and books.


Once we had finished exploring, we visited all the Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford, including Christ Church College, New College and Bodleian Library.

Tuesday 31st May

After the adventures of the day before, we spent the day at home sorting the garden and putting our La-Z-Spa back up.

Both Eliza and Isaac helped jet wash and set it up.

In the evening I took Eliza to her life saving club, where they had an evening of races and fun and games on the beach.

The evening was finished off with a much needed hot chocolate treat.

Wednesday 1st June

Isaac normally does his volunteering on Brownsea Island on the first Saturday of every month, but due to the Jubilee weekend, they moved it to today. Whilst we were waiting for his boat, which watched a group riding foil water boards go past.

He spent the day making a pond dipping area to entertain kids visiting for half term, so when he got home, he was very happy to be the first person to test out the La-Z-Spa.

Thursday 2nd June

Our local Co-Op was running a colouring competition and were giving out sweets to all the entries, so the kids decided they would enter as many times as possible, whilst we were watching the jubilee celebrations on the TV.

We did manage to get them away from their art creations for a local walk, where they were busy spotting the local wildlife.

We were a little disappointed to find that our favourite ice cream van was no longer there and its replacement was double the price (and not as nice). Still, it was a nice walk.

Friday 3rd June

I worked the morning at Tesco and then it was off to Andrew’s Aunt’s house for some jubilee celebrations. We enjoyed a picnic and then use of their onsite swimming pool.

Saturday 4th June

More Jubilee celebrations and this time it was a party on the green outside our house.

The kids spent their time eating and running between us and the community centre, where they were doing free face painting and entertainment. It was a really lovely afternoon.

We finished the evening with an epic thunderstorm which literally shook the windows and doors. Sadly none of my lightening pictures were any good.

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 22”

  1. Sounds like it was a good week. The Oxford trip sounded good. We’ve not been to the Story Museum since N was about 4. Shame about the ice cream van – frustrating it’s so much more expensive.

  2. It sounds like you had a fab week. We loved the new episodes of Stranger things and I was lucky and managed to get myself one of the black & white Hellfire Club tops from Primark. It is rubbish that it’s just in the men’s section though.
    The Story Museum sounds like a great day out and it looks like you had fun celebrating the Jubilee. x

  3. I’ve never seen Stranger Things, don’t even know what it’s about. The life saving club sounds fun and I’d love to visit Oxford soon, there’s so much to do there. Shame about the ice cream van.

  4. I was curious about the Story Museum in Oxford, yesterday I passed by it. I imagine it’s very child-orientated so I decided to visit the art gallery instead, Ashmolean (quick visit, I am familiar with the museum), and the exhibitions at Weston Library. Weston has two exhibitions that would be interesting for children too, especially the one on books.


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