7 Hobbies You Can Take Up As A Family

A hobby doesn’t have to be something you do solo. In fact, some of the most enjoyable hobbies are those that we partake in with friends – or indeed family. Taking up hobbies with your family could allow you to form new goals and develop skills while spending quality time with your family members. It could be an opportunity for bonding and could ultimately make you a stronger family unit. 

Just what type of hobbies can you take up with family members? There are a few different options. Below are just several examples of hobbies that are ideal for all the family. 

Playing board games

Board games are a great way to bring your family together. On top of being a fun form of entertainment, many board games can be educational and teach you skills. For example, Scrabble can expand one’s vocabulary, while Chess can teach forward-planning and problem-solving. Some board games can even be taken to a competitive level if you get serious enough. 

Burrito game

Learning a language

Learning another language can be great for travelling, expanding job opportunities or simply challenging oneself. While many people learn languages alone, you can learn a new language as a family. You could take group lessons together or you could learn together at home by quizzing each other and listening to language learning CDs in the car. Make sure to find a language that you all want to learn. 

Learning an instrument

Always wanted to learn a musical instrument? Why not learn as a family? There are some music teachers who offer group lessons that are ideal for families. Alternatively, you could self-teach each other at home. You could even learn songs together and form a band (many siblings do this). 


If you’re eager to get fit, why not consider a form of exercise that you can do as a family? There are all kinds of exercise that you can do with family members. You could join a martial arts class or family dance class together. You could go on long hikes or cycle trips together. You could attend circuits or spin classes together. You could even train for a run together. It’s worth noting that if you have babies or toddlers, there are lots of forms of exercise that you can do with young kids as detailed here at Pink Oatmeal

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Baking can be another fun hobby to take up as a family. It’s a great way to help develop cooking skills in kids early and you can experiment with all kinds of fun recipes. Use sites like Sugar and Crumbs to invest in all the necessary baking gear. You can then find recipes by looking at blogs online or by purchasing recipe books. 

4 thoughts on “7 Hobbies You Can Take Up As A Family”

  1. Hi Kara, your post is a super important message! Family hobbies really help to support the core emotional needs of each individual and the family as a whole. The hobbies can help stop adults from adulting too much; create a closer bond between family members; and help everyone to give and receive attention, for psychological benefits that can last well into the future! Many thanks.

  2. I love these intentional ways to spend quality time. We are huge on board games, our faves being Clue and Sushi Go. I think learning a language is our next big undertaking as a family. Our kids have done so well learning Japanese these last 2 years living in Japan. But, we’re moving to Portugal and I think the whole family needs to get involved this time.


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