How to help your teen with body issues

It can be rather disconcerting when your teenager doesn’t feel happy with their body. Keeping the conversation open can be important, and help them to avoid unsafe means of changing how they look. While you might want them to be content with how they are now, it could be important to also support them with any healthy changes they wish to make. This could show them that they can come to you with their worries, no matter how small they may be.

Help them get fitter

Some teenagers may struggle with the size or shape of their bodies. This could lead them to fad diets or starvation to try and speed up their weight loss. In the short term, this could make them feel faint. Long-term it can cause devastating health problems, and even stop your teen girl’s periods. A healthier way of getting into shape can be to book a personal trainer in Leeds who could meet with both you and your teen to discuss their goals. Regular exercise may not only allow them to trim down but also promotes healthy activities and even can help to increase their energy levels. Another benefit of using a personal trainer is that they may be able to keep an eye on the amount of exercise your teen does so that they don’t overexert themselves.

Deal with spots

One of a teen’s worst nightmares can be a breakout of spots, especially when they have something important planned. Figuring out ways to minimise the likelihood of breakouts, and deal with acne-prone skin, could be useful. You may want to help your teen find a facewash that suits their skin type. If they frequently get spots, it could be a good idea to avoid oily substances. For serious acne, you may want to take your teen to the doctor or dermatologist. They may be able to figure out if something else is causing it or prescribe an ointment that could help to reduce the inflammation and heal them better.

Pick the right clothing


Your teenager may want to follow the latest fashion trends and wear the same clothes as their friends. However, each body is different. While they should be encouraged to pick items that make them happy, they may also want to keep their own body in mind. More petite girls may not suit items made for hourglass figures, while plus-sized girls may want to avoid anything that hugs too tightly. If an item doesn’t suit them, you may want to be cautious about the wording you use, as they may take this as a direct insult. You might want to plan a shopping trip where you both choose some new items, so they can feel like they’re helping you find nice things too.

When a teenager has body issues, they may react rather negatively. It can be helpful to find ways to support them and build on their confidence. This could allow them to learn to love themselves and make choices to promote better physical health.

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