Project 365 2022 – Week 26

I cannot believe we are half way through the year already.

It has been a busy week for the kids, with transition days. Sebby is moving to Year 5, Eliza to Year 7 at her new secondary school and Isaac starting his GCSE’s as a Year 10

Here is our week:

26th June

We enjoyed a lie in after a late night getting in from Wembley the night before and I was presented with a cup of tea on the terrace of our hotel in London.

After breakfast, we checked out and walked the short distance to the Tower of London to see their Super Bloom event, where they are filled the moat with meadow flowers in celebration of the Jubilee.

Although there is a free viewing area, it is well worth upgrading tickets to walk through it as there are so many stunning flowers to see.

From there we headed into Central London as we wanted to find the Despicable Discs Record Shop in Carnaby Street.

We made it just in time as it was their last day open as the film opens this week. Inside there were games to play and even a minion’s 70’s style disco room. We came away with lots of sweets for the kids.

Getting back to the car then proved quite a challenge, thanks to the rail strikes and we ended up on a rail replacement bus.

Monday 27th June

Back to normal with work and school. Lilah was keen to get everyone dancing when we got home.

Tuesday 28th June

A rare day off for me and the girls at work bought me vouchers for our local beautician, so I treated myself to a relaxing pedicure.

The afternoon was Eliza’s last primary school sports day. Both kids got a medal for taking part, but were disappointed not to win any of their races.

Wednesday 29th June

Sebby has finally got his Level 3 swimming certificate. He is quite a way behind where Isaac and Eliza were at the same age, but has come on leaps and bounds since his swimming lessons re-started after the pandemic.

Thursday 30th June

It is our National Food Collection weekend launch at Tesco and I spent the day with Poole Food bank, collecting donations.

It always surprises me how generous people are and we collected 26 crates of food in one day alone – the last collection I did, we did that over the entire weekend.

It was a bit of a hectic evening. Isaac had an appointment to check on his ingrowing toenail, which is healing nicely. It was then on to Eliza’s transition evening, where I felt very old when I saw class of 2029!

Friday 1st July

Eliza’s transition day started with a few nerves as she is the only one from her school going to this secondary school. However, she found out that her tutor is Mr Tucker, who happens to be Isaac’s favourite teacher, so she was very happy.

Sebby and Isaac have also found out who their new tutors will be and are both happy.


Some of my colleagues and I play Pokemon Go, so we were over-the-moon to catch a 100% Eevee in the carpark

The evening was about one thing only – the season finale of Stranger Things!

Saturday 2nd July

What could only be described as a manic day at work as it is payday weekend. I am so glad I had collection volunteers as I spent the day helping out all the departments that were short staffed.

My only photo is of my “suggested donation” POS with a treasure hunt on for the kids. We collected over 100 trays of food over the 3 days, so very happy!

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 26”

  1. That’s an amazing amount of donations to collect. Well done Sebby for his swimming stage completion. Exciting transition days. Hope Eliza’s went well. N’s would be next week, but because they’re on residential they’ll be going just their school on 18th for the morning. I don’t think they’ll be getting to meet their tutors or see their tutor rooms though, so they’ll still be a bit in the dark when they go next year. None of his friends have been put in the same tutor group, and he’s only in a house with one he gets on with. So we’re all just hoping some of them will be together for their lessons otherwise they’ll be trying to meet up at lunch/breaks.

  2. What a gorgeous view for your morning coffee. It sounds like you had a fab time in London. The flowers are beautiful.
    Well done to Sebby with the swimming and it looks like you have a lot for the food bank. That is fantastic.
    It sounds like Eliza got on well at her new school.
    hehehe, it seems everyone watched Stranger Things on Friday night. It was so good. x

  3. A lot of positive news from school, so that’s fantastic. Well done to Sebby for his Level 3 swimming certificate. Covid did made everything stop and things take now a bit longer to achieve in some areas.
    Love the first photo with the coffee on the balcony.

  4. What a spectacular display of wild flowers by the Tower. I’ve seen it in the papers, but it must be extra special to see it live. Well done to Sebby for getting the swimming certificate. Glad that Eliza knows her new tutor already as a good one.
    We also watched Stranger Things, what a finale. Now we have to wait for the new series.

  5. Love the photos of the meadow flowers in the moat at the Tower of London – I can just imagine how pretty that must look. How lovely to have a pedicure. Well done to Sebby on his level 3 swimming certificate. Glad that Eliza, Sebby and Isaac were all happy with their new tutors and hope Eliza enjoyed her secondary school transition day. #project365


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