Top Tips For The School Summer Holidays

As we head further into July, the prospect of at least six weeks off with the kids can be a great one, but also leave some parents feeling worried at the thought of such a long time keeping the children amused. Yet it’s important to remember that the summer holidays are a great time to spend quality time with the children, go on holiday and get those things done that you wouldn’t normally have a chance to. If you are coming up to the school holidays and feeling a bit overwhelmed, we have put together some top tips for surviving the school summer holidays that should make it that little bit easier. Here is our advice.

Sort childcare as early on as possible

One of the hardest things about the school summer holidays is the fact that you need to find childcare for six weeks or more – something that can be especially difficult if you are a single parent that works full time. Because of this, we recommend you sort out childcare as early on as possible so it’s all organised when the time comes around. Save some of your own holiday so you can have a couple of weeks off and looking after them, then see if you have friends or family that can watch them on other days. You can also look into clubs that the school runs that will watch your children – and also give them something fun to do. You might have to pay for these school clubs as they tend to be externally run so ensure you factor this into your budget going forward.


Give yourself a weekly budget

Summer can be expensive, particularly if you are having to find things to do every week or pay for clubs. To avoid going overboard on your spending, try to put together a budget that you have to spend every week. This will ensure you don’t put yourself out of pocket and that you still have a fun time through the summer. There are many free activities and things you can do both out and about and at home, so mix this with the paid things.

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Get ready for the upcoming school year

The holidays are a good time to get ready with everything they need for the upcoming new school year. From new Kickers school shoes to new jumpers, shirts and bags, chances are they’ve grown out of what they used last year. Take a look through their things and find out what needs replacing. Do it as last minute as possible in case they have growth spurts over the summer!

These are just a few of the ways that you can get through the summer holidays as easily as possible. While the weeks might seem long at first, they soon fly by and you will make a host of amazing memories with your children. Do you have any tips for getting through the summer holidays with your kids? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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