Choosing The Right Colour To Wear To A Job Interview

Let’s face it, prepping for a job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. Even if you believe you are qualified for the position you’re being interviewed for, it’s normal to feel doubtful about whether you’ll impress your employer enough to secure the job. Fortunately, when it comes to making a good first impression, you actually have a lot more control than you might think, and it all starts with how you dress for the interview.

You might already be aware of just how important it is to dress well when going into an interview. However, beyond picking the appropriate outfit, you need to ensure that the colors you wear convey the right message to your interviewer. So, in this guide, we’ll share with you the meaning behind different colors so you’re better able to decide what to wear to your job interview. 

How To Pick The Right Color To Wear To A Job Interview

According to research, colours exert an enormous amount of influence over our moods and perceptions. Likewise, the colours that we wear convey certain perceptions about ourselves to the people around us. Consequently, you need to carefully pick the colours you wear when going into a high-stakes interview if you hope to make the right impression that will potentially help you secure the job. 

Bearing that in mind, here is a simple guide on how to pick the right color to wear for your job interview:

  • Understand The Meaning Behind Different Colors

As already highlighted, different colors will convey certain perceptions about us to the people around us. So, when picking out a color to wear to a job interview, it helps to be aware of the meaning behind certain colors. 

 Black:  This colour conveys a sense of leadership and sophistication, which is why it is commonly associated with executive positions. Consequently, this is not an ideal colour if you’re interviewing for a small retail position or a job at a fast food joint. 

Red: This colour evokes a sense of fiery passion, courage, and excitement, which are positive attributes if you’re going into an interview. However, wearing a red suit to an interview can also convey a message of defiance. 

Blue: This colour is generally regarded as calm and soothing which makes it a favourite for many hiring managers. Wearing blue also conveys a sense of confidence and communicates that you are a team player. 

Grey: This color communicates that you are analytical, self-confident and an independent thinker.

White: Wearing white sends the message that you are tidy, detail-oriented, and well-organized. 

Purple/Orange/Pink: While these colors are more exciting and fun, they do not evoke a sense of seriousness and commitment and are therefore not the best choices for wearing to an interview.

  • Consider Different Color Combinations

When determining what color to wear, it’s also crucial to consider the color combination when choosing several clothing items. For instance, a  black or grey suit with a white or colored shirt can give you a very clean and professional look. The same can’t be said of a colorful pair of pants with a dark jacket. 

  • Learn About The Employer’s Work Environment

When deciding which color to wear to an interview, it is recommended to go with colors that fit well with the culture of the company you’re interviewing for. For instance, if you’re interviewing for a traditional corporate office job, you will most likely be required to dress conservatively. In this case, neutral colors such as black and grey might be most appropriate. 

On the other hand, if you’re being interviewed for a more casual office job, for instance in a non-governmental organisation or a startup company, you can add some colour to your attire to showcase your sense of style. 

General Tips On Choosing The Right Color To Wear To An Interview

Now that you understand what common colors mean and how to pick the right one to wear to a job interview, here are a few guidelines to consider when styling up your attire:

  • Make Sure The Dominant Color Of Your Outfit Is Neutral

Granted, injecting a dash of color such as red or blue into your outfit can project a sense of style and personality into your outfit. However, it is important to keep the dominant color of your outfit neutral since this projects a sense of professionalism, which is critical when you’re going into an interview.

  • Choose Solid Colors Instead Of Patterns

When interviewing for a job position, you want the interviewer to remember you rather than your outfit. For this reason, you should wear something that does just enough to impress your interviewer without stealing the focus away from your qualifications. By wearing a solid-color outfit to your job interview, you not only end up looking professional but also ensure that clothing isn’t distracting. 

Wrapping Up

Deciding what to wear for an interview can be a daunting process when you consider the performance anxiety that being interviewed for a job can cause. However, by applying the tips discussed above, you will find it much easier to select the right color outfit that will make a great first impression on your interviewer. 

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