Cooler Flooring for the Hot Season

It is the return of the sunny weather and we are set to reach all-time highs over the August month, so it may be a quick fix time in finding something a bit cooler for the home.

This could be the perfect time to install luxury vinyl flooring, not just for a stylish look, but for a cooler home for the summer. Vinyl planks and tiles are an industry favourite for many interior designers, proving to be a homeowner’s best investment and much better than the real hardwood alternative. For the ultimate in vinyl flooring, they would point towards Polyflor flooring, a leading favourite of many.

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Easy Installation

If you have someone around the house who prefers to get their household projects done with a little self-installation will find vinyl an easy process by either gluing down tiles or clicking together boards in their room of choice. More people who own their homes prefer this over bringing in a professional due to the ease and the option to save some money upfront.

The ability to have the tiles and planks cut to size ensures that there is no waste and if any sections need replacing it is a simple process to do by taking only one plank/tile and not the entire floor.

The costs saved by not requiring a professional to install gives you a little extra balance within your budget. Perfect for spending on those family days out or hangouts with friends.

Perfect Look

Should you desire a natural-looking hardwood or stone feel to your home, you can have it look authentic and at a much lower cost than the real thing.

Choosing between light and dark woods or a cold stone feel for that extra level of class gives your house an instantly cooler feel. Forgoing the carpet that can generate warmth in the summer as well as the winter months, luxury vinyl flooring can work all year round by being a perfect companion to underfloor heating systems, giving you the option of how your floor should feel.


Should the rain drop by over your summer months, you can be sure that moisture in the air or footprints through your home will not find its way through your flooring and damage your home’s subfloor.

With moisture-resistant safeguards in place, Polyflor is a durable flooring that can withstand most household challenges. Be it water, scratches, scuffs, and discolouration over time, Polyflor has layers and measures that ensure your home has no damage a regular flooring option would not be able to withstand.

Simple cleaning options such as warm soapy sponges and a quick mop will help the floor retain its appeal and not require hiding sections of your room.

Polyflor is a high vinyl product with many luxury ranges to provide satisfaction. As the days get hotter, choose something cooler in luxury vinyl flooring – such as oak parquet flooring.

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