Getting outdoors more this summer

The summer holiday’s have finally arrived and with the cost of living rising at an astonishing rate, like many families we are cutting back on activities.

However, there are plenty of things you can do that doesn’t cost any more than the price of parking.


We have always been keen walker’s and we really missed exploring during the COVID lockdowns, so we have been making an extra effort to get out and about.

It is important to be prepared when walking, especially with kids in tow and you may find they need encouragement for longer treks especially if they are just walking with adults.

Here is our outdoor essentials kit list:

Walking with kids – the essentials

Hiking Boots / Shoes

You will be walking over all kinds of terrain, from concrete paths to fields, uneven ground and even through streams. I highly recommend you invest in hiking boots with a good grip and waterproof ones are even better as the kids automatically radiate towards any water source.


Walking Socks

You have invested in walking boots, but walking socks are equally important as they are designed to keep you comfortable as you walk. The correct pair of hiking socks can keep your feet warm, or cool depending on the time of year you are walking and even prevent blisters.


OK, it may seem a bit ironic that we are enjoying the hottest / driest summer on record, however, we still live in the UK and a raincoat, or pack away mac is a must to avoid getting caught in a shower.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a giant backpack, but you will need one for the essentials; raincoats, snacks, first aid kit. I recommend you get one with a waist support that takes the weight off you shoulders and one that lets air circulate around your back, as there is nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky. Kids will want to bring their own stuff, or collect treasure along the way, so it is wise for them to have their own, plus it means you can carry less.

Water Bottle

It is vital to keep hydrated when out walking, so either a good quality water bottle or a reservoir system in your backpack is essential. A hydration bladder sits in the back of your backpack and you drink through a straw which feeds out and clips on the shoulder strap so you can drink on the go.

A Hat

To protect your eyes and scalp from the sun.


The weather can be very changeable and even if it is overcast, you can still catch the sun. My motto is; If the children are outside, ensure they are properly protected during this time with suncream. Apply before you leave and top up if necessary throughout the day.

Wet Wipes / Tissues

Wet Wipes and tissues are invaluable on a day out with kids for mopping mucky hands and faces, or soothing a stinging nettle sting.

First Aid Kit

When walking in remote areas it is essential that you carry a first aid kit and know how to use it. It doesn’t have to be huge, but essentials include alcohol wipes, plasters, calpol sachets, insect bite tool and dressings.



As well as lunch, it is a good idea to pack some snacks to keep the kids motivated along the way. Our kids love a homemade trail mix which includes nuts, raisins, mini marshmallows and some M&M’s / smarties in each packet.


Depending where you are walking, I like to take a compact travel towel. We live on the Jurassic coast, which is home to some beautiful walks along the south west coast path, but that also means that after a long walk, the kids like to cool off with a paddle in the sea. Having a towel with you, means that you can brush off the sand and dry off easily before walking back to the car.

Some small change

I always like to keep some cash on me, in the hope that we might stumble across an ice cream van. Most do take card payments these days, but internet signal in more remote areas can be ropey, so cash is still king.

Do you have any essentials for taking on walks with your family?

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with, who kindly gifted us walking boots and raincoats in exchange for a review.

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