How To Make Sure You Have A Healthy Home

A healthy house is one that fosters happiness for both people and the environment. It entails a variety of activities that are beneficial to both people and the environment, such as keeping the house clean and maintained, ventilated for air quality, contaminate-free, and many other things. 

It is possible to inquire about a home’s design and structure throughout the purchasing process in order to make it healthier. There are things you can pick up and get treated early like getting woodworm treatment. There are several easy ways to raise the standard of living in your house.

Go greener with plants that purify the air 

Given that we spend 80% or more of our time indoors, indoor air pollution is more problematic and can be 2–5 times higher than outdoor air pollution. Ah! Making your home more green with air-purifying plants is one efficient, aesthetically pleasant, and stress-relieving strategy to reduce indoor air pollution. House plants like English ivy, aloe vera, peace lilies, and many others actually filter the air by taking CO2 and releasing oxygen, and they eliminate toxins from your home. You truly can’t lose because they are also known to lower tension and look good.

At the door, take off your shoes

Do you have a no-shoes rule at your home? You probably don’t want outside chemicals, bacteria, and dirt tracked inside your home on the bottoms of shoes. Keep a mat (and bins) for shoes when you get home and a basket of slippers by the front door. 

Shoe Rack

With each new season, declutter 

Not bad for four times per year. It’s okay if organising your space makes you uncomfortable. Take it slow and focus on one room at a time. 

Decluttering can be genuinely soothing. Additionally, knowing that you have only what you need and where to find it will give you peace of mind and save you time.

But it can be a difficult task. Therefore, we’re following The Spruce’s recommendation to approach the process in phases, taking on each room, space, or even zone one at a time. 

Keep your carpets thoroughly cleaned 

First off, keeping your carpet clean effectively and frequently lengthens its life. Second, cleaning your carpet only on the surface is not always sufficient. 

Deep cleanings are essentially necessary. So, here are some techniques for thorough cleaning a carpet: 

1. Hire a professional, but make sure they are qualified by completing your due diligence. Hire a green carpet cleaner who understands how to complete the task without using chemicals. 

2. DIY with some tools and baking soda or dish soap. Here is a detailed how-to. 

3. Get a carpet cleaner or rent one.

Learn how to recognise, avoid, and treat mould

It’s critical to educate ourselves on how to identify, avoid, and treat mould and mildew in our homes since it can actually make us sick. 

Mould can be avoided in your home by using a dehumidifier, keeping the bathroom fan on after taking a shower, repairing bathroom grout lines once a year (if you have tile), and washing your shower curtain and liner frequently.

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