Things to consider when updating your bathroom

Are you thinking about getting your bathroom done? Updating your bathroom is a fun experience, depending on when you last updated the room, there are so many changes to be had. With modern-day technology, your mirrors can have speakers in them, your bath can have a tv built into the wall and the overall designs have been improved a lot. 

But, before you get your bathroom done, there are a number of things to consider, depending on the changes you would like done to the room. A big change may require your plumbing changed with a plumber coming in if they are local to you. You will want to think about the type of bath you would like – deeper or the length – as well as the quality of your toilet. 

Below we have put together our guide on things to consider when updating your bathroom. 

Consider the lighting in your bathroom

Lighting is key to the success of a good bathroom. Too bright and you won’t feel relaxed when having a soak, too dim and you won’t be able to see anything. Bathrooms have many different lighting solutions available to them depending on the shape of the room and whether you have another light source, such as a window. If you are having a bathroom cabinet and mirror added, some people like to add light to the mirror to give them more options. Before deciding, it’s always worth visiting your local bathroom store to see what options they have available. 


What type of bath would you like? 

A key component of your bathroom is your bath, get this wrong and you’ll have to have someone replace your bath very quickly. Bath’s come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, you can get corner baths, standalone baths, or jacuzzi baths – the list goes on. Our advice would be to go to a store to see them in person. It may sound silly but actually sitting in the bath in a store will give you a big indication of whether it’s for you or not. You will also need someone to come in and measure your space to ensure it fits within your home. 

Built-in shower or not? 

Are you interested in the idea of having a stand-alone shower – this takes up a lot of space – or would you prefer to have it built in with your bath? The thing to factor in is the cost of having them separate and whether you have enough room in your bathroom. Having a separate shower can add an additional design feature to the room which looks great and means you can shower in an enclosed space. If you are having a stand-alone bath, it may be that you have to have a separate shower to make it more practical. When picking the tiles to match the bath and shower, make sure it fits within your colour scheme. 

Heated Towel Rail

There is nothing better than getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself up in a warm, fluffy towel, but did you know there are health benefits too?

An essential advantage and key function of heated towel rails is their ability to warm your towels thoroughly, drying them between use and ensuring that dampness is eliminated and bacteria are unable to grow and spread.

Are you thinking of getting a new bathroom installed? What consideration have you had to make that we haven’t included? Is there anything you would like to add that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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