Review: The Lost Wish

During our last visit to BlogOn, we were introduced to Elfland UK and their new book, The Lost Wish by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs.

This wonderful book is the result of a collaboration between writers, teachers and wellbeing experts, creating an exciting adventure story for primary school age children.

Woven through the book are positive messages about the importance of wellbeing, kindness and resilience as well as positive affirmations and plenty of character traits to aspire to.

The book itself follows Siena and Gabi who make a magical discovery one winter’s night and find themselves in an incredible world of adventure.

Only a few children are lucky enough to visit Elfland, transported there by limitless imagination and the magic of Elf eyes. It is a world that’s just out of reach to most of us but one where pixies thrive, dragons fly and friendly elves work hard to ensure children’s wishes come true.

They arrive in Elfland in the middle of an emergency and find themselves transformed into elves named Eve and Noelle and tasked with a vital mission to find Eleuia, the elf guardian of the Star Wish List. Eleuia has gone missing and, as a result, Elfland’s once powerful magic is waning. If he isn’t found soon, the hopes and dreams of a thousand children may never come true.

The book is full of fascinating characters and remarkable events that teach children the importance of wellbeing, courage, compassion and self-belief. Eliza, at 11, is at the top end of the age range for the book, but has enjoyed the story. I would recommend the book for children in KS2.

Alongside the book is a number of wellbeing products for children, which include self-heating eye masks and a relaxing pillow spray and pulse point oil to help kids relax and encourage a more restful sleep.

This book is perfect for the run up to Christmas and could even arrive with the elves, if you are welcoming them into your home this year!

Disclaimer: We were gifted The Lost Wish for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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