Top Ideas for the Ideal Show Home 

When it comes to our homes, we often delight in fixing them up and making them look attractive and cosy. We each have our ideas and principles when it comes to designing our abodes, of course, but the general goal is to make them warm, cosy, and inviting. Have you ever wandered into a show home and expressed your favour at how it looks and feels? If you have been tasked with decorating and designing a show home property, some ideas work better than most. Here, then, are the best ideas for the ideal show home. 

Create the right mood with lighting 

One surefire way you can create an ideal show home is by saying it with lighting. In other words, set the mood with lighting. You need to maximise your options with lighting – for example, if there is a lot of natural light coming in, take advantage of it. You should also have some options for lamps and overhead lighting to level up your game. The lighting options you have for the space can make a real difference, and certain spots could do with great lighting as well – including the kitchen island (if there is one), the living room, and the hallway – make sure the hallway, especially, is well-lit to create a welcoming ambience. The sitting room and the bedroom are other areas where you can put up wonderful light fixtures, and they give these rooms a more subtle, muted appeal. 

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Use the most luxurious fabrics 

If you want to liven up a space without too much effort, you can do so – by using the most luxurious fabrics you can find. Play around with pattern, colour, and texture, and this is an easy way to promote interest (and add some style and panache) to any room. You’re not limited to duvets, cushions, and throws, either – you can use other fabrics in the form of sofa covers, headboards (upholstered headboards are a big thing nowadays), and fabrics for curtains and drapes. Use softer fabrics like velvet, which is on-trend, and make use of natural fabrics and materials like silk, linen, and wool. 

Come up with a subtle yet strong base colour 

For any showhome interior design, it is important not to make it look overdone – and there is a thin line between overdoing it and making it ‘just right.’ One thing that works is by coming up with a subtle yet strong base colour – and if you want, one easy way to do it is by choosing a base colour for the walls. Use a neutral colour – and earthy hues and stone tones work best. To make it even better, use complementary patterns and colours when choosing your cushions, bed linen, furnishings, and even curtains and sofas. 

furnishing lounge

Choose your accessories wisely

It also pays to choose your accessories and ornaments wisely – again, try not to overdo it. Let the adage ‘less is more guide you when selecting accoutrements and accessories. Perhaps you can also get your inspiration from the materials, furnishings, and the colour theme you have used for the room. One or two objects ought to do the trick – as per Marie Kondo, choose objects which inspire you and bring you joy, and make sure they are as eye-catching and attractive to your audience. 

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