Questions to ask yourself before redoing your kitchen

If you’re determined to finally make that dream kitchen a reality, you’re going to need to be absolutely sure of what you want and how to make it happen. Are you just itching to tear down those kitchen units and completely redo your entire space? Before you go any further, make sure you can answer these important questions. 

How do you want people to feel when they enter the kitchen? 

Colour and lighting play an integral part in this. But before you go any further, make sure you know what you want and how you want others to feel. Consider guests, friends, family, and your own children. Is there a mutual feeling you’d hope all of those people get when they enter your newly renovated kitchen? 

Do you need a big overhaul or just a few alterations? 

There are times when we all feel the urge to completely gut out our kitchens and start from scratch. And when you’ve seen the same dull and drab kitchen for years, day in and day out, it’s a perfectly understandable impulse. However, before you make any drastic changes, consider removing some handles and replacing your worn-out faucets with a few stylish modern taps. Perhaps even think of removing cupboard doors entirely, and allowing the contents to breathe a little more. The results may shock you! 

Will you be eating in there or simply cooking? 

A kitchen that’s purely for preparing food still needs to pop and exude extravagance. But understanding the purpose of the kitchen can help you to narrow down some of your choices when it comes to fixtures and storage. 

For a kitchen that’s also a place where people eat, it’s important to consider adding some artwork or perhaps some plant life to the space. A large-scale mirror flush with the kitchen table is also a clever way of adding a feeling of depth and more space in the area

Does it communicate a feeling or part of your personality? 

What aspects of your ideal new kitchen tell people that this is your family space, or express your own individuality? How are you able to communicate what this kitchen is about to others? 

We all want an upscale and stunning kitchen, but it’s also supposed to be a place where people come together to eat or prepare food. It’s about coming together just as much as it is about style and class. 

What’s your definition of “perfect”? 

It’s easy to lose sight of when enough is enough and you’ve gotten as close as you can to completing your kitchen dreams. And when surrounded by so many articles and ads about the perfect luxury kitchen, it’s easy to forget what matters most here – you and your loved ones. 

That’s when it’s important to reassess your goals and remind yourself of what perfect means to you and your family. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others dictate to you. What matters is that you’re comfortable, content, and proud to walk into that kitchen each and every day. If you can accomplish this, isn’t that about as perfect as it gets? 

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