Converting a Nursery to a Toddler’s Bedroom in a Few Easy Steps

As your little one grows, the transition from baby to toddler is exciting but also a little scary. Watching them grow up so fast is overwhelming, but it can also present plenty of opportunities for fun and creating memories. One of the things you will need to consider as your baby gets older is giving your toddler their own room or space to sleep. If you currently have a nursery, you will need to start thinking about turning it into a toddler bedroom, especially if your toddler is starting to climb out of their cot. So what do you need to do to make the switch?

Clear Out Unwanted Items

The first step that you might want to take is getting rid of anything that you no longer want to keep in the room. This could include furniture, clothes, or baby toys that your toddler has outgrown. You could use a service like StorageArea to find a storage unit for this stuff. This is ideal if you’re planning to have another baby in the future and you’re not ready to part with everything just yet. Alternatively, you can sell, donate or give away anything that you no longer need. You might have friends or relatives who will find some items useful.


Consider a New Look

You don’t necessarily have to go through the effort of redecorating the room when you’re swapping it over to a toddler room. The easiest option is to stick with what you have. However, if you find it fun to redecorate, you could consider a new look for the room to match your toddler’s new, slightly more grown-up space. It’s probably best to avoid decorating with your toddler’s latest obsession, as it could change with the wind and leave you with a bedroom that no longer suits their tastes.

Get Toddler-Appropriate Furniture

You might need to consider some new furniture for your toddler’s bedroom. Some cots will convert into a toddler bed, but you might need to get a new bed to replace the cot. You might also want to consider furniture such as storage, bookcases, seating, or anything else that might complete the room. Think about what you would like your toddler to be able to reach, and what you would like to keep out of the way. You might provide a toddler-sized chair or bookcase but ensure you can close and lock a cupboard to prevent access.

Make It Safe

Don’t forget to toddler-proof your new toddler bedroom. They can get into everything, and there’s potential for a lot of accidents. Some things to do include securing furniture to the wall, ensuring there are no hanging blind cords or similar, and covering plug sockets. These things will all help to make the bedroom safer for your toddler and prevent accidents from occurring. Some parents include a nanny cam in their toddler’s room for extra safety and security too.

You can convert your nursery into a toddler bedroom in no time at all with just a few steps to make it more appropriate for a growing child.

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