Project 365 2022 – Week 48

It has been a really busy week for me as I gear up for the National Food collection at work.

This year they have provided bags for us to pack, that customers can just pick up, pay for and donate. Whilst it is a brilliant idea, it is a lot of extra work.

Here is our week:

Sunday 27th November

As a family, our favourite musical is Matilda and we have seen it several times, with Isaac performing in the junior version last year, so we were all keen to see the new film.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it, although I did have to put up with Isaac and Eliza singing their way through it.

Monday 28th November

When we have event weekends, I have to work, so I enjoyed a rare Monday off with my husband.

He treated us to breakfast at our favourite local cafe, Flamingo, before heading out to do some pick up the advent calendars and mooch around the shops.

Tuesday 29th November

A busy day at work packing donation bags.

When we got home, we took advantage of Isaac and Eliza being at rehershals and reviewed a new Ricky Zoom set.

Wednesday 30th November

Willow is definitely starting to get more adventurous and has been busy climbing up the plants in her vivarium.

We have also discovered that she is rather fond of mango!!

Thursday 1st December

The first day of our food collection and we made a brilliant start, collecting an incredible 42 trays packed full of food for our local food bank.

Eliza was out for the evening at her school disco, so I was on Willow duty for the evening. It has taken a while, but I am much more confident to handle her now.

Friday 2nd December

Another busy day of the food collection, this time we managed 47 crates of donated food. I was so busy re-packing donation bags, that I actually cleared the shelves of some of the items that the food bank had requested.

My only photo of the day was trying, and failing, to capture how thick the fog was!

Saturday 3rd December

It really feels like Christmas is starting to hit at work and it was stupidly busy all day, so I came home shattered.

My husband decided it was the best time to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft, which got the kids excited, so we ended up putting up the Christmas tree.

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 48”

  1. I love the picture of you and Willow, it’s so cute.
    Quite a lot of donations, that is wonderful because it shows people care and, of course, that the one who need a bit of help will receive it.

  2. I’ve not seen Matilda, but think it is something I’d like, will have to wait till our granddaughter gets a bit older. Work sounds super busy, well done with all the donated food


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