How to Make Sure Your Home is Secure on Holidays

The festive season is an excellent time to get away from the local community and enjoy Christmas in the sun, but you need to make sure your home is secure when you are gone. Read for some top tips on how to secure your home and reduce the chances of a festive break-in.

Make your house look occupied 

Whether your residential address is empty because you are at the office during the holidays or you are overseas on holiday, you need some ways to make your home look occupied. Believe it or not, burglars are looking for the telling signs that your property is unoccupied so reduce risks. 

Timed lights are one of the best ways to make your home look occupied. Timed lights are cheap to buy and easy to use; in most cases, they simply plug into your lamps and switch them on according to settings. Also, parking a car in the drive gives the impression of someone at home.     

Install residential security at your home 

One of the best ways to protect your property when you are on holiday is with a modern home security system with an alarm, sensors, and connectivity for fast emergency responses and personal updates. With a modern home security system, you can always have peace of mind.

A quality home security system should include security cameras, a backup power supply, wireless technology, home automation, security sensors, and a wellness alert for regular updates when you are away. Find out more about residential security for your holiday home.

Check the windows and doors are secure 

One of the first ways burglars try to access your home during the holidays is through the windows and doors; these areas are especially vulnerable when you don’t have a home security system, you have single-glazing in the windows, or you have some glass in the access doors.

Without protection from the glass in the form of security bars, triple-glazing, or a quality residential security system, your home is vulnerable. Don’t take any chances this season when you are away from home, have your doors and windows checked for their security potential.   

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Take part in a neighborhood watch system 

If there is unusual activity in the neighborhood, someone is going to notice it and call the authorities; that is the advantage of having an organized neighborhood watch system in the community. This might not be the case when the local people are not on the same page. 

A neighborhood watch system calls regular meetings to discuss the recent security risks and protocols, but that’s not the only reason for the meetings; they are also needed to connect the local people so that there is a personal interest in protecting property in the local community.  

Don’t advertise your absence online 

One common mistake people make these days is to post pictures of their holiday on social media when they are away. Believe it or not, local criminals monitor these public newsfeeds to find out when people are away from home. Wait until you return before posting the selfies.  

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