5 Home Renovation Ideas to Set Up for the New Year

Spending more time in your home over the holiday season can make you feel the renovation itch. You might notice a few things here and there that you want to revamp and starting a project to see in the New Year is the perfect place to start. New year, new ideas, what’s not to love? Your home is a reflection of how you feel, what you love, and all the things that make you comfortable. So, why not give it your heart and soul and renovate some key areas to give it a new lease on life? Here are five home renovation ideas to set you up nicely for the new year ahead. 

Revamping the Windows

Windows are one of the best ways to keep in essential heat and control the temperature of a property. They let in light, are a key feature of any room, and enable fresh air to flow through a house. They are also one of the more forgotten about assets that usually fall to the bottom of any renovation list. Upgrading their panes and security and even adding in some new ones can provide lots of benefits. Consider the roof, for example; a product like Keylite pitched roof windows will change the whole area for the better. Roof Window Outlet’s keylite pitched roof windows let in much needed light to that upper tier, allow you to channel sustainability, and create stunning vistas while they do it. Another upgrade to consider is having your windows tinted by Shady Biz Tinting.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a bigger upfront cost but it can save you money on the energy budget over the longer term. This method of heating a house is efficient because it is a subtle heat that warms everything it touches including your feet. It eliminates the need for other types of heating that are the most expensive and harder to program and is quite low maintenance overall. The installation process will take some figuring out and it is always a good option to lean on an expert business lead to help you navigate the plans. This is a perfect renovation project for the colder season and has a lot of advantages for the future of the property such as adding value and creating an eco-considered space. 

Solar Panel Installation

Running with the theme of becoming eco-positive, solar panels are a great route in. They are cheaper than you might realize to install and have a number of positive aspects. Your home will become more energy efficient, sustainable and modern. The majority of panels are installed onto the roof area, but if you’re worried about how that will look, there are plenty of products available to suit every aesthetic. Properties that embrace green energy are eligible for a range of grants, and see a good return on the electricity bill as time moves on. 


Get Your Garden Spring Ready

After the cold season comes the spring. This is when your garden is at its peak. A hub for nature, a space to enjoy. The possibilities are infinite. Investing in outdoor areas brings peace and joy, and there are so many ideas to explore that you’ll never be short of options. Why not install a water feature or a comfortable new seating area to enjoy when the days get a little warmer? Or, consider planting that vegetable patch you’ve always dreamed about and becoming more sustainable and autonomous. It might feel like the last place you want to be in the cold spell, but starting the process now will ensure all the hard parts are out of the way when the weather allows for a bigger project to commence. Stay on top of the weeds, research some plants so you’re ready when the time comes, and start planning. 

Repurposing a Garage

Lots of garage spaces become defunct over time. It’s cold, external, and doesn’t always feel like a part of the main home. This can change fairly easily. There are lots of ways to repurpose a garage from creating a dedicated utility space to even installing a home office or gym. This is a project that allows you to be as creative as possible, and there is everything you need already in place to bring out the potential. So, if you’re sick of the laundry piling up in the kitchen or craving a quiet haven to work in, look at your garage and see what can be done. 

Optimising your home for the New Year is extremely rewarding. Whether you choose a big project or a small one, there are always benefits to your well-being and a general sense of security when you invest time and energy in home improvements. Focus on sustainability and get the project ball rolling for the renovation you’ve always envisioned. Your home is your castle, after all. 

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