Important tips to drive safe in the snow this Christmas

The extreme winter season is around the corner and so is the snowy weather. With the historically hot summer, winter has also arrived in full swing. The weather comes with a mix of winter hazards like freezing fog, snow, ice, and sleet that will probably cause travel disruption. There are various ways to prepare for travel on snow-covered roads, make sure you read these tips and learn how to drive safely in the snow.

Plan your journey 

There are plenty of things to do before you even start your car and hit the road. Make sure you have planned your journey well. Check your route and have an alternate route in your mind in case navigation shows heavy traffic in planned route. Get traffic updates and road blocks from the radio or any news channel. Remember, a lot of people are on their way to their homes for Christmas.  It will help you avoid getting stuck in traffic or dangers, you might face, also you will have a rough estimated time of arrival on your destination. 

Get the car ready 

Driving in this extreme weather is challenging. Try your best to avoid getting car breakdown in the middle of your journey. For this, make sure your car is fully prepared before setting off. Check the car’s battery to ensure that it is fully charged. Flick your light bulbs and clean the windscreen from snow or ice to assure the visibility. Clear snow thoroughly from the roof, side mirrors, number plate to make it visible. Snow can land you with a fine of up to £2500 if it is not completely de-iced and demist-ed from the windscreen and all mirrors.


Check your tyres 

Tyre tread plays the most important role in driving. It’s the only part of the car that makes contact with the road. Without deeper tread, tyres won’t have a good grip in this harsh weather. If you live in an area where snow is very common and the temperature is reliably below 7°C then you might consider buying winter tyres. They are designed in an intricate way and have deeper tread to hold tyre’s grip on the roads covered with the snow. 

Nervous about driving on sleek roads? Don’t let that fear keep you from enjoying Christmas’s Eve. Instead get new tyres from Dartford Tyres and keep your journey safe. 

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