Project 365 2022 – Week 50

This week can be described in one word………FREEZING!!

I have been taking Isaac to school in temps of -4° C almost everyday and picking him up, it’s still hovering around 0°C. Despite most of the country getting a nice coating of snow, it has been stubbornly absent for us, much to our disappointment.

Here is our week:

Sunday 11th December

Our Sunday began with a shopping trip to Poole, for some last minute Christmas presents as the kids wanted to buy their friends a gift.

Eliza has been itching for a Stranger Things Bubble Tea, but apparently its been discontinued, so she had a Christmas one instead, which she took to our second pantomime visit in a week.

This time it was to see Cinderella at Lighthouse Poole. I have to say that it was brilliant and even outshone Bournemouth’s larger production.

Monday 12th December

I was supposed to be back to work today, but unfortunately Eliza was next to succumb to the bug that knocked me for six, so another day off for me.

We let Willow out for her daily roam and couldn’t find her. It seems she has formed a close attachment with one of our gonk decorations.

Tuesday 13th December

Eliza is still poorly, so no work for me again. I used the time wisely to catch up on bloggy bits and wrap some presents.

Willow loves attempting to climb them, but naughty me bought shiny paper, so she gets so far and then slides back down.

Wednesday 14th December

Eliza is still poorly and now we have Sebby down with it too.

It takes a lot to knock Sebby for six, but he spent the whole day sleeping and didn’t touch any of his beloved technology at all.

Thursday 15th December

A few weeks ago, my car got hit and it has finally gone in to be fixed. I have a hire car whilst its being fixed and my only photo of the day is of the dashboard, as needed to record the fuel and the mileage.

Friday 16th December

Eliza is finally feeling well enough to go to school, but we had to get an emergency GP appointment for Sebby as we couldn’t get his temperature down and we feared he may have pneumonia again.

Thankfully his chest is clear, so we had to continue what we had been doing. Thankfully, his temperature finally broke after being sick in the evening.

I think I have finally been accepted by Willow, she wanted to come out of her vivarium, but think the floor was too cold, so she fell asleep on me.

Saturday 17th December

Isaac does volunteering with Dorset Wildlife Trust and for Christmas, they arranged a Christmas Tree pull on Upton Heath for the family of the volunteers.

Dorset heathland habitats are considered internationally important because they are home to many animals and plants which cannot be found in any other place and are protected by law. The removal of Scots Pine trees is important, to keep these habitats for these creatures.

Isaac and I must have cut down at least 10 trees each, whilst Eliza was happier tending to the fire and helping to cook the sausages for lunch.

We kept a tree to bring home, but most of the trees that were felled, were burned. Obviously, being a protected Heath, we had to ensure the fire was out before we left, so the kids had lots of fun putting it back out again.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 50”

  1. We haven’t had any snow either, it seems so unfair considering how cold it’s been. Hmmf.
    Aww! The poor kids, I hope they are feeling better now. There are so many bugs going around at the moment.
    Good on Isaac volunteering. What great work. x

  2. Lovely to have another panto visit – we’ve had three in three weeks here and two of them have been Cinderella as well. Sorry to hear Eliza and Sebby have been unwell, hope they are feeling better now. How worrying not to be able to get his temperature down – glad it finally broke. Looks like you had a good day doing the Christmas tree pull at Upton Heath. #project365

  3. hope Sebby’s on the mend now. There’s so much in the way of awful bugs and illnesses going round. The tree felling reminds me of the activities I used to do with my local WATCH nature group when I was a kid.


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