Project 365 2022 – Week 52

And just like that we have made it to the end of another year and it has been a bit of a rubbish end for me, with the lurgy hitting me, just in time for the New Year celebrations.

Christmas was a fairly quiet affair, with just Kian home. We always make a bigger deal of birthday’s rather than Christmas but there was less under the tree this year, not that the kids noticed as they all got what they had asked for, there just weren’t the extra bits that I normally add on, plus we broke up the day with a trip out to feed some animals.

Here is our week:

25th December

The kids are a bit older now, so they were instructed not to wake us up before 8am. They made it until 7.45am and brought us a cup if tea in bed, so not too bad and I would love watching them opening their stockings from Santa.

It was a different Christmas for us and the start of a new tradition. My husband finally works locally, so we had to visit his shop to feed the animals. We did try and persuade him to smuggle some home, but he was having none of it.

It was quieter Christmas for us, as Abbey and Callan were both away with their partners family, so just the six of us for Christmas dinner – I may have slightly over done it, as I am so used to cooking for more, but Kian and my husband valiantly managed to finish everything in sight.

Monday 26th December

Before COVID, our Boxing Day tradition was to always go to Nanny’s house for a buffet and this year we were finally back, armed with lots of games.

The kids loved playing games with their Aunt’s, Uncle and cousins, although Nanny was in for a gentle ribbing, as she bought one of her kids donuts to work before Christmas and not the others – lots of donut pictures in the family group chat!!!

Tuesday 27th December

As Christmas day fell on a Sunday it was a Bank Holiday for work, so I got an extra day off – bonus!! Callan and his partner Chelsea came down, so more presents to open for the kids – most which contained LEGO!!

Wednesday 28th December

Isaac got a new 4K monitor for Christmas but for some reason we just could not get it to work in 4k. Now everyone was back at work, I decided to do an online chat for support. After about half an hour of getting nowhere and being offered a refund, I decided to read the reviews – turns out you had to plug the HDMI cable in the HDMI2 port. At least we managed to solve the problem, but what a palaver.

I also managed to persuade the boys out of the house for a much needed hair cut!!

Thursday 29th December

Back to work for me, although I went in wearing a mask as I didn’t feel at all well.

My only photo today was of Willow who is making the most of having the Christmas tree still up.

Friday 30th December

I still wasn’t feeling great, but managed to make it through work as I only had a short day.

Eliza was invited to stay at her cousins house that evening, but they wanted to go shopping, so I dropped them into Poole for some retail therapy before heading home and getting a very early night.

Saturday 31st December

My most miserable New Years Eve in memory as I was laid low with a stomach bug. My husband took Kian home to Bristol, as he had work that evening, whilst Eliza went out with her Nanny. Thankfully the boys were well behaved.

I think Willow was as unimpressed by the New Year celebrations as I was!!!

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 52”

  1. Everyone seems to be ill at the moment. My eldest is just getting over a cold and my youngest is chocka with it. Ugh! I hope you feel better soon.
    It sounds like a great Christmas for you and your family, your dinner looks so good. Wishing you all the best for 2023. x

  2. Well done to the kids for making it to 7.45am. Sophie and Thomas woke up at a similar time so we were very happy with that. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas even if it was a bit different and that Christmas dinner looks amazing. How lovely to be able to get back to the Boxing Day tradition of a buffet at Nanny’s house. Sorry to hear that you finished the year feeling unwell. Hope you are feeling better now. Happy new year to you all. #project365

  3. new Year passed us by, other the dog being frightened of the fireworks. Sorry to hear you were poorly. I was still awake at 7am on Christmas Day. How great to get your Boxing Day traditions back to normal


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