Project 365 2023 – Week 2

It is a funny old time of year, we feel like all we are doing at then moment is work, school and repeat. The only day out is a visit to the supermarket!

We have had our new boiler fitted and it so nice having a warm house and warm water again. We invested in HIVE to go with it which will also hopefully help us to save money. Good job it was done this week and next week looks a lot chillier!

We have had some problems with mould upstairs and I have to clean the walls and ceilings every couple of months, Our boiler engineer found some issues with the roof and a leak, so we need to get that looked at now, but he fixed the leak fir us, so fingers crossed it will start to dry out now.

Here is our week:

Sunday 8th January

Since Christmas, the kids have been enjoying games nights, so we decided to carry it on.

Tonight the game of choice was Fuzzies, which is a bit like Jenga but harder, as the lightweight balls pull each other off as you try and remove them.

Monday 9th January

I had to visit three different pet shops to find some hoppers for Willow. Thankfully we managed to find some, although she also had some Morio worms as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get some.

She seemed happy enough with her new treat, but it does make a loud crunching sound when she eats them!!

Tuesday 10th January

Lilah is now 3 and so qualifies for 30 hours of pre-school funding, so my days looking after her have changed.

She was very excited to pick Sebby up from school and had him chasing her around the playground.

Wednesday 11th January

New boiler day and the workmen were at our house bright and early.

It now appears that our flue hadn’t been properly installed and had partially collapsed, so my husband had to go out and buy some new roof tiles to repair it. We have been advised that our roof also needs looking at, but after the expense of a new boiler, that will have to wait. Fingers crossed the patch up will help us for now and the loft will dry out as the old flue was letting water in, which is why we have been battling with a mould problem upstairs.

Thursday 12th January

It was lovely to wake up to a warm house and warm towels on the radiator – thank goodness it wasn’t too cold when our old boiler decided to pack up.

Lilah was poorly with Strep A last week and was refusing to take her medicine, so like all good grandparents, a bit of bribery was made.

She was over-the-moon with her new Care Bear when the post man finally brought it!!

Friday 13th January

Unlucky for some, but a good day for us – Sebby came home with a celebration award and a head teacher’s sticker!

In the evening, Eliza headed off to her first scout camp of 2023 – thankfully she was sleeping inside and not out!!

Saturday 14th January

Isaac was supposed to be volunteering on Brownsea Island today, but due to the wild weather it was cancelled.

The kids bedrooms were looking a bit of a mess from Kian being home and all the Christmas goodies, so the boys tidied their bedrooms – they did a great job……..just hope they keep it that way

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 2”

  1. Shame about the flue and the roof, hope the house is toasty warm for you. Lilah looks very happy with herself, hope you find things to fill your time with her off to Nursery 30 hours a week now

  2. Hurrah for a warm house, bet you’ve appreciated it with the cold snap we’ve had! Our games nights ended after we got puppies as they take up a lot of the floor and wanted to join in! #project365


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